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Mountain Of A Thousand Buddha's Statues

Mountain of Thousands Buddhas in Leshan Shichuan province. ( Photos by China Uncensored)

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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

----------- George Orwell

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61 Tibetan Netizens Win Battle Over “Sex and Violence” Game Set in Buddhist Temples Free Tibet
62 A Showdown and a Face-off Chinascope
63 Hong Kong Warns Protesters Face Arrest VOA
64 Who Has Real and Who Has Fake Democracy re Hong Kong The Atlantic
65 Chinese Mistresses Can be Danger to Corrupt Officials China Uncensored
66 Why is Beijing Afraid to Set Lawyer Gao Free? China Uncensored
67 Zhou Yongkang's Son May Face Death Sentence China Uncensored
68 My Beautiful Dresses, Shoes...Funded By You Taxpayers! China Uncensored
69 Another Tiananmen Square? China Uncensored
70 Chinese Regime Jails Scholar for Life on Trumped Up Charges China Uncensored
71 Plea by Wife of Gao Zhisheng After CCP Brutality Initiatives for China
72 China Paramilitary Shoot Peaceful Protesters in Tibet China Uncensored
73 The Battle at Zhongnanhai Chinascope
74 Gao Zhisheng 'Freed' After Physical and Psychological Torture China Uncensored
75 'China's Jerusalem' - Christians Beaten, Priest Detained NTD
76 Xi Jinping Has no Choice but to Finish off Jiang Zemin NTD
77 CCP State Media: Pro-Democracy Activities Are Cultish NTD
78 Could Tiananmen Massacre Happen Today? Editorial
79 Tiananmen Crackdown Casts Long Shadow Over China’s Press VOA
80 People Power Forces Closure of Waste Incinerator China Uncensored
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