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Hummer vs US School Bus & Chinese School Bus vs Home Car

Hummer vs US school bus. (screenshot)

The photos of Hummer crushed by school bus in America were widely spread in China, as Chinese parents envy a safer and happier life for children live in the US.

Chinese school bus vs home car (screenshot)

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121 'A Civil Servant’s Notebook' Exposes Chinese Regime's Corruption China Uncensored Staff
122 Speculation of Assassination Attempt on Xi Jinping China Uncensored Staff
123 Chinese Officials Looted US$120 billion Public Funds In 13 Years Chinauncensored
124 Behind Gu Kailai's Confession ChinaUncensored Staff
125 Wikileaks - Political Assassinations of Chinese Communist Leaders and Family Members Wikileaks
126 Tiananmen Dissident Wang Dan on Chinese Soil at Last ChinaUncensored Staff
127 China Reacts to Gu Kailai Murder Charge VOA
128 Tiananmen Crackdown Adds Another Casualty China Support Network
129 Why Chen Guangcheng Risks His Life CNN
130 Leaked Internal Speech Attributed to Zhou Yongkang Translated by Chinauncensored
131 Gu Kailai or Bo-Gu Kailai China Uncensored Staff
132 Zhou Yongkang Is Toppled China Uncensored Staff
133 Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun – Stories You May Not Have Heard Chinascope
134 Amnesty Says Falun Gong Man Close to Death China Uncensored Staff
135 The Moral Crisis in China Chinascope
136 Chinese Graduates Grapple with Unemployment Cory Barr
137 Communist Regime Backs Down in Wukan Village Renminbao
138 'Batman' Experiences Life In China China Uncensored Staff
139 Beijing Air: 'Crazy Bad' China Uncensored Staff
140 Wikileaks Cables Reveal China Upset By US Embassy's Pollution Reports China Uncensored Staff
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