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China's Invention: Child Sandwich?

It appears to be a lot of fun for the teacher who sits on top of layers of children: her students. (screenshot)

A parent was shocked to find this photo among other photos of children's activities in school on the QQ blog of the school parenting site.

One blogger commented: Dear Teacher, you look very happy, what about these kids?! What about their feelings?!

Growing up with communist idealogy, modern Chinese have not heard of common sense and human dignity if their parents do not teach them privately.

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On 24th Oct, state media reported that the Chinese Anti-Corruption Department had arrested the General Secretary of the Chinese Taoist Association, Wang Zheyi, who is also the communist party branch secretary of the Taoist Society for criminal offences, and that other "improper activities" are under investigation.

Chinese bloggers really got excited, flooding the net with comments:

"Does the secretary of the 'party branch' in Taoist Society believe in the almighty lord, or (Karl) Marx?"

"How come there is a (communist) party branch in the Taoist Association? If (they) place emphasis on Taoism first, which means they put party development second, that's amuses me."

"The Taoist society really has a "party secretary"?! and being investigated?"

"Taoism: Communist party branch secretary? sounds a bit confusing for faith."

"That's meant to tell people: where ever there is the communist party, there will be corruption."

"Western communist beliefs damaged Chinese traditional beliefs, Chinese culture is tumbling."

"Oh, Taoist society also has a (communist) party branch, this leads me to think of a monk raising country flags."


In communist China, religious practice has become a joke, religious principles are twisted into absurdity:

Above, photo from Chinese media: In 2008, Wang Zheyi (3rd from right) in his capacity as communist branch secretary of the Taoist Association attended Dichi Lake Buddhist Monastery in Hubei province. The Zhengchi Abbot of the monastery reported to Wang Zheyi "progress information" of the Buddhist society in Hubei province. (screenshot)

A Buddhist Society reporting to a Taoist communist!

Religions in China were compromised as soon as the communists took control of China. Suppressing orthodox religions and persecuting religious practitioners has never stopped under communist rule, which established 'religious associations' under the control of the communist party and appointed communist party members as Abbots in major monasteries and temples all over the country.

In February this year it was reported that the infamous CEO Monk of Shaoling Temple, Shi Yongxin, who turned the temple into a money making machine, had been sleeping around with women, and was rumoured to have a secret child in Germany living with the Chinese mother. A record of confession by one woman who spent more than 2 dozen nights with Shi Yongxin in various hotels has been leaked online....the woman also disclosed that Shi can easily move huge amounts of temple money around for his personal use.

Since Shi Yongxin was placed under investigation, numerous people, including monks inside Shaolin Temple, have disclosed the corrupt activities of Shi Yongxin.

A very good summary of the religious situation in China is well illustrated in Chapter 4 of Nine Commentaries of Communist Party here:



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