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1000 Hand Written Contacts From Stolen Iphone

A Chinese man, Mr Zou's mobile phone (Iphone 4) was stolen after sharing a texi with 3 strangers. He used his friend's phone to send a message to his stolen phone, "I know that you were the person sitting next to me. If you check the numbers stored in my phone, you know what I will do to you. Please send my phone to this address xxx."

A few days later, Mr. Zou received a package. After opening, he was stunned: a complete hand written copy of his contacts list which numbered nearly 1000, and his sim card was returned.

Mr Zou did not report the theft to the police. He said the contacts were more important than the phone.

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Zhou Yongkang had a dream to make his son, Zhou Bing the first "elected president of China"; Bo Xilai, too, dreamed of making his son Bo Guagua, a "Chinese president". Clearly, they were both also quite sure that the Chinese communist party would soon collapse.

Zhou Yongkang was recently convicted of corruption, abuse of power, bribery and leaking state secrets. The Zhou family's ill-gotten assets of more than US$15.8 billion were seized.

Zhou Bing (middle), was "well treated" in Perth, Australia. (Screenshot)

After Wang Lijun fled to the US Consulate in Chengdu, overseas Chinese media disclosed "a cabinet list" to take effect after the coup planned by Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang and Jiang Zemin, in which Bo Xilai would be President, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, the General Secretary of the Communist Party, and Bo Guagua was to be responsible for the coordination of the oversea media. Of course, if Bo Xilai assumed these titles, the Jiang faction, including Zhou Yongkang would be the power behind the throne. Some Hong Kong media even claimed that Bo wanted his son, Bo Guagua to be elected president after the coup.

The article “Top –level cabinet officials secret dreams crash” in the magazine “Trends”, published in 2014:  "if we only think that Bo Guagua was one who owned  a mansion and lived with a group of foreign women, and Zhou Bing was the one who made use of power and transferred massive money abroad, it would be completely wrong, as the wish for both of these families was to let their youngsters wield state power once the communist party collapsed."

Bo Guagua spoke to the media at Beijing University in 2007, claiming that he didn’t want to be an official or do business, which seems to show that he didn’t have the political ambition that the leadership of the communist party are afraid of, but it didn’t mean that once the communist party collapsed, he would not get into politics.

Since Bo and his wife, Gu Kailai, were investigated in 2012, Bo Guaguoa disappeared from the public eye. In the same year, the British Daily Telegraph reported that Bo Guagua had determined to flex his muscles to not only be a dominant figure in politics, but also to become a successful businessman, with billions of dollars in assets. It was said that during the period he was studying in the UK, he had deliberately made friends with the British political and business elite, including the former British Primer Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and John Major’s private secretary, Sir Charles Powell.

According to the Voice of America (VOA), Bo Guagua once told his schoolmates that he had the intention to develop in politics and to be China’s John F. Kennedy (former US President).















Bo Guagua, in England. ( Screenshot)

In Communist China, these were not the only secret contenders working on their goals. The son of Zeng Qinhong, Zeng Wei was famously tagged by his own words: "If (in business) there is not $2 billion yuan involved, then don't bother talk to me." Zeng left his wife to grab easy money while he busied with other more serious, 'meaningful' matters on a bigger stage.



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