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Stealing Children's Eyes -- A Common Business In China?!

At 4pm on 20th Sep. 2013, a 9 year old boy was visiting relatives with his mother when she realized the boy was missing after playing outside of the house. They could not find him anywhere, but at 10pm, video surveillance of the residential area showed the boy being taken into a nearby home and not coming out. The boy was killed by the young man living there, and by 3am the next day, the boy's body was found at a nearby river. His eyes had been removed, the corneas were missing, and he had suffered many knife wounds. It is not known at this stage whether other organs were taken.

A 6 year old boy was playing outside his home, but disappeared for 4 hours. He was found in a pool of blood, with his eyes dug out and thrown beside him, with the corneas taken.

Chinese police had announced that the boy's aunt was the perpetrator, but failed to present any evidence to the family while there were witnesses prepared to back up the aunt's claims of her wherabouts at the time of the boy's disappearance.

On Aug 27th in Hunan province, a 7 year old boy was taken away by 2 men according to the boy's classmates at Qiming school in Chenzhou city. 11 days later the boy's body was found, his eyes had been removed and other organs removed from his abdomen.

Organ harvesting from religious prisoners by the Chinese regime has been extensively documented. It would seem that no person - man, woman or child is safe from this crime against humanity when there is profit to be made.

Zeng Qinghong’s Daughter-in-law Launders Billions PDF Print E-mail
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The daughter-in-law of Zeng Qinghong, (former vice-president of the Chinese regime), Jiang Mei, was reported by overseas Chinese media as working with Dai Yongge, to launder billions of yuan overseas for corrupt officials.

Who is Dai Yongge?  Dai, born into an ordinary family in Heilongjiang province in China, earned his fame (shame) through a night club he opened, dealing in drugs, sex and underground money lending, while under the protection of his friend, Shao Bing, whose father was then premier of Heilongjiang province.  It was reported that there were a couple of people who took jail terms a few times for Dai in some criminal cases. Dai with his famous business of Renhe Real Estate in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is thought to be 'immune' from prosecution because of his high level ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Introduced by Jing Yidan, a popular CCTV host, Dai met Zeng Wei and Jiang Mei, son and daughter-in-law of Zeng Qinghong, former vice-president of communist China, and from then, Dai’s money making skyrocketed. Dai Yongge invited Jiang Mei to be co-owner of an underground money lending ‘business’ which spread over more than a dozen major provinces in China, including Shanghai city.

Dai and Jiang Mei also set up offshore companies with the aim to launder money for corrupt communist officials, from China to overseas.

The famous saga of a Point Piper house, one of the wealthiest areas of Sydney, Australia, was bought by Dai Yongge, and given to Zeng Wei and Jiang Mei. Dai also gave a 40% share of his company, Renhe Group to Jiang Mei, and in return, Dai was able to settle deals in China of railway projects, major development projects, subways, etc in many major cities of China, like Guangzhou, Shanghai, She zhen, Changsha, Guizhou, Hangzhou, and Harbin.

Dai was once in conflict with another developer Mr. Chen, who had already paid a hefty bribe to get a subway project in Changsha. Chen did not want to give up his efforts and challenged Dai. Knowing that Chen was the head of an underground gang in Changsha, Dai called Zeng Wei, Zeng Qinghong’s son to arrange over 100 fully armed special force policemen, to “beat” Mr. Chen and the local gang away from his ‘deal table’. Dai was said to have gained 1 billion yuan from this subway project. It was also said that in order to give Dai Yongge a discount, the China Railway Number One Bureau which was building the Changsha subway didn’t have enough money to invest in the project as planned, which led to many accidents because of cost cutting and shoddy materials. It was the same with subway projects in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Harbin. Dai Yongge’s sister, Dai Yongli once told her friends in Great Britain: "My brother, with the backing of Jiang Mei and Zeng Wei, earned more than 30 billion euros from the subway projects of mainland China."  On hearing this, Dai Yongli’s British husband was so worried, it was said that in order to avoid being investigated in Great Britain, he divorced Dai Yongli.

IN 2010, Dai Yongge realised that the gambling business of Macau is a very good money laundering method, so with Jiang Mei he set up many underground banks to help senior communist cadres and local businessman to move assets overseas. They set up several trading companies with Li Zongwu, owner of The Pacific Insurance, who has close connections with Jia Qinglin (a former top ranking member of the Politburo Standing Committee) and Zhou Yongkang, recently sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption, for the business of money laundering.  Once you deposit money into Dai and Jiang’s company, in China, you can take the money out 10 minutes later from banks in Macau, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe, and Dai Yongge and Jiang Mei will get 1% - 5% commission.

This information has been revealed in Chinese media, due to present Chinese leader, Xi Jinping's "Operation Fox Hunt" anti-corruption drive, which attracts much approval by many Chinese democracy activists, but for Xi to be able to sustain a clean society according to the rule of law, he has to abandon the influence of the communist culture.


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