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A group of Chinese travelers in Egypt saw Chinese writing carved on a statue in the ancient Luxor Temple, it says: " Ding jinhao was here."

Chinese tourists tried to wipe it off with tissue paper, but to no avail. Some of them took photos and put on a blog:"We are so ashamed, how can one just carve things on such precious 3500 years old relics?" The news was quickly spread by thousands of bloggers, and the culprit was found in just over 24 hours. Ding jinhao, a high school student in Nanjing province. Chinese demanded the student and his parents apologize....

The parents of Ding jinhao contacted the Chinese media, and passed on their apology: "This is a bad act of (our) child, but as parents we should bear the main blame as we did not guide him properly, we did no give him proper teaching (in manners), We (my wife and I) and our child apologize to the Egyptian authorities; we also apologize to all the people in our country who take this matter seriously. I beg everyone's pardon for my child's wrong action, and I beg everyone to give this child a chance to act right in the future. "

(According to ancient Chinese custom, parents usually bear the main responsibility for their children's behaviour.)

Luxor Temple, Egypt. Photo from Wikipedia

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In 1923 in Taixing, Jiang Bei, north of Shanghai, there was a man, Shi Qinzhong, who always conducted evil deeds. Many villagers were scared of him and always tried to avoid him. That year, Mr Shi suddenly became very ill, and was confined to bed.


During that time, a monk passed through the village begging for alms, and he visited Mr. Shi. He said to Shi: "You have committed too many sins, you are about to face retribution, you better pray as much as possible or else you will turn into a pig in the next life."


Shi realized that his days were numbered, and felt uneasy about what he had done in his lifetime, but did not want to be turned into a pig in the next life, so he raised his left hand to the monk as a gesture of respect.


The monk sighed after seeing his gesture: "What a pity, you only used your left hand to greet Buddha, you will still not be able to escape being a pig in the next life, that must be what you deserve, though your left hand will avoid the shape of a pig's hoof and since you have remorse for what you have done, you will also avoid the pain of death by knife."


A few days later, Shi died and the villagers were happy to forget about him.


7 days after Shi died, a villager nearby had a pig who gave birth to a piglet, who's left foot was a human hand, including 5 fingers with nails. The villagers were shocked and remembered what the monk had said to Shi before he passed away. The news quickly spread..and soon Shi's family also received the news. They were so embarrassed about their relative that they paid a high price to buy this pig, and sent it to the Shanghai Baohua Temple, so it could avoid being killed for food.


The media reported this as evidence of reincarnation: a human turned into pig with a detailed story. It become a very welcome education example for many parents to their children, how to live properly...


According to the report, the pig's left hand quite often showed a gesture similar to a Buddhist greeting, and it always tried to hide itself among the other pigs when people came to see this phenomenon as it felt ashamed to show its hand.




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