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Confidential diplomatic cables from the Canadian embassy in Beijing have been published nearly 26 years after the deadly massacre of protesters on June 4 1989.

The Telegraph reports that top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders approached Swiss diplomats about sending "very significant amounts of money" to bank accounts in Switzerland at the time of the 1989 Tiananmen protests.

"The country is now being controlled by a group of vicious elderly generals and the government

is run by people who will blindly follow their orders. The situation looks grim at best."

Canadian cable 11 days after troops massacred students.

The Canadian cables asserted: "The Swiss Ambassador, himself an 'Old China Hand', told us that over the past few months every member of the Politburo Standing Committee has approached him about transferring very significant amounts of money to Swiss bank accounts. For obvious reasons, he has urged us to guard this information with the utmost care."

The cables gave details of the utter brutality of the massacre and correctly predicted that there would be a massive cover up by the regime. Even today, the majority of Chinese do not know the truth of the massacre.

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