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The Chinese communist regime regards Falun Gong as their most important enemy. The 'deals' between the Chinese regime and Western governments and business trade partners to keep the CCP's atrocities quiet means that those who dare to expose this evil require enormous courage and steadfastness.

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Who Has Real and Who Has Fake Democracy re Hong Kong PDF Print E-mail
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The Atlantic   

On September 29th, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece, People's Daily ran an editorial entitled: “No one cares more about Hong Kong’s future destiny than the entire Chinese people”.

The editorial basically said that Britain had resisted democracy for Hong Kong and that it was only after the handover to China that Hong Kong could hope for elections through universal suffrage, and posed the question, "who has the real democracy, and who has the fake democracy—compare the two and judge?"

However, declassified colonial records tell a different story. In 1958 Zhou Enlai, the CCP premier had a message for British PM Harold MacMillan, that Beijing would regard allowing Hong Kong’s people to govern themselves as a “very unfriendly act.”

These documents show that not only was Britain considering granting Hong Kong self-governance in the 1950s, it was the Chinese government under Mao Zedong who quashed these plans, threatening invasion.

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