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Speculation about the whereabouts of Chinese film Director Zhang Yimou, who was accused of breaking the country’s family planning laws, by allegedly having sired 7 children, keeps on making headlines in Chinese media, but no details have emerged of any fines being levied by authorities.

In contrast, the news that a farmer in Heibei province drank pesticide at his Village Party Secretary’s house to commit suicide last Wednesday was a shock to many people.  The local village cadres went to his house to force the couple to pay the social maintenance fee because they had more than 1 child.  After he told them that he had no money, the cadres confiscated the food needed for the family’s survival.

According to Free Asia, Ai Guangdong and his wife, Xie Yufeng  have five children, four girls and one boy, the youngest one, the boy is only 4 years old. They live at Gongbao village of Chandan city. Last Wednesday, because Ai could no longer bear the Village Party  Secretary’s long term visiting to collect the social maintenance fee, that if paid would leave them short of money to buy food, he went to the Village Party Secretary’s home, Ai Liankun’s home, to plead with them not to disturb him and his family any more, to no avail. H then swallowed pesticide at Ai Liankun’s home and died.

A village farmer, Ms. Zhang told a reporter on Monday that when they were collecting the wheat in the field, Ai Liankun, the village party secretary ordered his men to take all the wheat that Ai Guangdong harvested as the social maintenance fee, even though Liankun knew that the corn was the only income for Ai Guangdong’s family.

Ms. Zhang said: “I know that guy, he died of pesticide. It seems that he has four children, the village [officials] took away their wheat when they were collecting wheat, then now they took their corn away, it’s too much for his family, as he doesn’t know how to support his family with no income at all, as they have so many children, with few fields. Once those people who control child birth came to his home, they would always ask for money, and as they are too poor to have money any more, those officials would confiscate their food, so it was too much for Ai. You know that the children here under the age of 12 get no field allocated, so they are forced to go to the cities to work.”   

"Nowdays officials all help and support each other, so it is completely useless for us to appeal, those officials always have reasons, they would say that you have too many children, which is against the law of the country, so you must pay more money. You know, according to their rule, those people who have more than 1 child, would have to pay ¥5000- 8000 for the second child and ¥10,000 for the third child, and even if you have some backdoor to appeal, you still have to pay ¥7000.

Another farmer, Zhou also explained that all the income of those families who had more than one child, would be collected by the village officials.

Zhou said: “Nobody can deny the fine for having more than 1 child, as we are all farmers, if we don’t have money, then our food or corn would be taken away.”

According to a blog, Ai’s wife, Xie Yufeng said :“We are very poor, and it would be impossible for us to have so much money to pay the fine, but those officials from the village would always come to our house to collect money, sometimes they took ¥200, sometimes they took ¥500 but they never issued us any receipt. Since we had our third child, they asked us to pay ¥60,000 once which was completely impossible for us.”

When a journalist tried to contact the birth control official of that village, they found that the phone number provided by the local yellow pages was wrong, and when they called the county government, one official replied: “We knew nothing about this case.”

The local police bureau and the police station also refused to disclose any information. 

According to a recent Chinese media report, forced by the people’s demands, 24 provinces in China revealed the total sum they collected from social maintenance fees, which is more than ¥20 billion, but refused to give further information.

One $US is approx 6 yuan.



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