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Ms Jiang Lingjin, an actress in a film glorifying the People's Liberation Army, is scared of horses. The close up scene was shot as follows. Photo posted by Chinese blogger in June 2011. (screenshot)

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Many Catholics around the world have called for the release, at this time of peace and goodwill, of Auxiliary Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin of Shanghai who has been under house arrest for almost 18 months and is being forced to take political lessons - communist indoctrination by any other name - three times a week.

In 2012, both the Vatican and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) agreed upon the consecration of 44 year-old Thaddeus Ma Daqin. There was a disagreement as to his status, with the Vatican appointing him as the auxiliary bishop (given that Bishop Jin was technically still the coadjutor) while the CPCA appointed him as the coadjutor bishop. Surprisingly, Ma announced during his ordination Mass in July, that he would be resigning from his posts within the CPCA effective immediately.

This was seen as a challenge to its authority by the communist regime. The next day, Ma was placed under house arrest at the Sheshan Seminary and the CPCA stripped him of his title as coadjutor bishop in December 2012. Upon the death of Jin Luxian in April 2013, the CPCA officially recognized a sede vacante in Shanghai while the Vatican maintains that Auxiliary Bishop Ma should be administering the diocese.

The CPCA was set up by the Chinese communist regime (communists are atheists) to control Catholic believers. They are required to pay patriotic devotion to the country first, and secondly, to Rome.

Chinese people have been brainwashed over the years to accept that 'country' or 'China' is synonymous with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which controls everything in China including thoughts and beliefs.

The CCP appoints all clergy to the Patriotic Church, and the Vatican opposes most of these appointments, as it maintains, quite rightly, that these are church matters not matters of state.

Catholics, who are not members of the China Patriotic Catholic Association, are seen as 'underground' church followers, and are persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

Another Auxiliary Bishop, Joseph Xing Wenzhi of Shanghai, has not been sighted since last month.

In the complicated web of the CCP, appearances and non-appearances at events or in photos are always considered highly symbolic when seeking to interpret the rise or fall of an individual.His whereabouts are unknown. The Shandong-born priest was picked as auxiliary to Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian, and was once expected to succeed the 95-year-old Bishop, who died in April.





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