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A Long Wait for Harmony

Harmony Primary school is situated in picturesque Hangzhou, but with 740 students and teachers, only 1 male toilet of 6 seats and 1 female toilet of 8 seats, crowds are guaranteed at every class changeover period of 10 minutes. So students try to not drink water to avoid going to the toilet, some wet themselves because it is too crowded to get to the toilet in time.

Above photo: A teacher keeps order for students waiting outside of toilets. (screenshot)

Below: Hangzhou government house.

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Intrigue and Murder at the Root of Communism

On March 18, news of a fatal car accident in a Ferrari involving the son of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) high official went online, both inside and outside of China. The media  revealed that the dead boy was drunk and that the clothing of two female passengers in the car was in disarray.

That was a blow to the father of the boy, Ling Jihua, who was chief of the Central Committee of the CCP, and acted as the assistant in charge of Bo Xilai’s case. But only days later, rumours surfaced that the “accident” was a well-planned murder.

Now more intriguing detail has emerged about the Ferrari death and the coup in Beijing.

On the night of March 19, 2012, Zhou Yongkang launched a coup attempt. The then Chief of the Office of the Communist Central Committee, Ling Jihua ordered the army of the Central Guard Bureau to defeat the coup attempt. At the same time, Hu Jingtao called in the 38th Army Corp to assist Ling Jihua, and the coup was defeated the same night.

Since Bo Xilai was detained on March 15 last year, the Jiang Zemin group had lost their heir and desperately started to plan executions.

On March 18, when Ling Jihua lost his son by murder in a planned car 'accident', the media controlled by Jiang Zemin's allies, Liu Yunshan and Li Changchun reported the boy was drunk, driving with two improperly dressed young women.

But Ling Jihua knew that his son was driving to a party and had no alcoholic drinks before leaving home. Ling arranged for his son's body to be stored at -20"C so that the truth could be revealed one day. However, up till now, the truth has not been disclosed by the authorities.

The day after Ling’s son was murdered, at midnight on March 19, Beijing residents posted on their blogs that they heard the noise of gunfire. But all similar posts were immediately removed from any blogs. Some bloggers in Beijing posted news that they saw army troops pulling into Beijing city that night, while others said that it was the No. 8341 branch, the army controlled by the Central Guard Bureau of the communist Central Committee and the same army branch that arrested Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, and the "Gang of Four."

Now, information released via blogs about Zhou Yongkang's coup on March 19, 2012, is not being deleted. More detail is also quietly being released which confirms there were shots fired and Zhou Yongkang's coup failed.

According to the Epoch Times, after Zhou Yongkang, the mastermind of Jiang’s coup, launched the coup, he was arrested secretly by Hu Jingtao and Wen Jiabao that night. All his power was transferred to the then Minister of the Public Security Bureau, Men Jianzhu. Since then, Zhou Yongkang's appearances in public media have been stage managed by the current communist power group lead by Xi Jingping to create a superficially stable and harmonious atmosphere. It might also be trying to send a message that Zhou is still ok, so Zhou's supporters do not try to create chaos.

After this coup saga, Ling Jihua ordered Hu’s body guards to kill immediately: "any person who appears within 3 metres of Hu Jingtao without authorization." During the 18th Congress of the CCP, Ling Jihua and Hu Jingtao arranged a massive military force to be stationed in the undergound systems in Beijing to prevent further foul play by Jiang Zemin and Zhou Yongkang.

Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and Jiang Zemin's faction sustained power by killing those who opposed them.  So they know that there is no way they can escape justice. If they cannot find a chance to leave China now, they will continue to try to destroy the present communist power group lead by Xi Jingping.



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