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Chinese Woman Sells Grandson

A 57 year old lady tries to sell her grandson to save her son's life.  (screenshot)

Her son and daugther-in-law spent all their savings and have already borrowed more than 200,000 yuan for treatment for the cancer discovered in her son two months ago. Now he needs a transfusion from his sister, but treatment costs another 300,000 yuan,. She is selling her grandson to save her son!

A 22 years old selling 10 years of labour in exchange for money to treat her mother's cerebral haemorrhage.(screenshot)

While, millions of Chinese communist officials receive free medical treatment, nursing care, and even 'viagra'?!

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On 28th Nov. 2013, Chinese media revealed that nearly a dozen employees of China Southern Air were detained for questioning about corruption, or bribery. This is the third time that senior employees of China Southern Air have been charged with bribery in recent years.

The former Chief Engineer of China Southern Air, Zhang Heping was sentenced to 15 years jail in 2012, on bribery charges. One charge was that Zhang received over 7 million Chinese yuan from a company in the Zhanjiang Economic & Technological Development zone, Japan-American Aviation Service Agent Limited (J-A Agent Ltd), for a contract for ticketing services. J-A Agent Ltd received over 106 million yuan over 3 years of the contract.

In 2006, 2 senior accountants of China Southern Air, Chen Liming and Peng Anfa were arrested for embezzlement from the company, the amounts involved being 1.2billion Chinese yuan, and 300 million Chinese yuan, respectively.

In 2010, a number of employees from Southern Air online service department were arrested for obtaining kickbacks from ticket sales.

Corruption and bribery are not the only problem found in the Chinese aviation industry. Falsifying of pilot's qualifications and flying hours is even more shocking.

In 2008, an investigation into a landing accident in Guiling by Shenzhen Air disclosed that there were over 100 pilots who were underskilled, or had falsified documents relating to flying hours or qualifications.

In 2010, the investigation of the Yichun air disaster revealed that the Chief pilot, Mr Qi Xuejun had switched off the autopilot in thick fog and poor visibility, which was the major contributor to the accident.

Communist Party insiders revealed that the Chinese Bureau of Aviation was planning to cancel the licenses of the pilots who were not up to standard, but the then CEO of ShenZhen Air, Mr. Li Zeyuan, and former transport minister, Mr. Zhang Dejing, ignored the request from the Bureau. These pilots still have their licenses and are still flying.

(One US dollar is approx 6.09 yuan)

(Link to Chinese report.)





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