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Chinese Children Train for Future Olympics


With all the interest in China's performance at the London 2012 Olympics, distressing photos have emerged on Chinese blogs and forums of the way in which many children are forced to train by the state.

Every time a Chinese athlete does well in international competition, it "adds powder" to the face of the Chinese Communist regime, so apparently, brutalizing young children is an acceptable price to pay.

Many Chinese netizens were horrified by the photos, although some had experience of being pressured by the regime to allow their own children to join the 'elite' training squads in gymnastics, particularly.

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Defining Web Defamation - The Communist Way PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

On the 9th September, the Chinese Communist Supreme Court and the Supreme People's Procurate, published a judicial interpretation of “web defamation”:

If the same slandering information is clicked or viewed (by bloggers on the web) over 5,000 times; or re-posted more than 500 times, it will be considered as a serious act of defamation.

In recent weeks, the communist regime has arrested many Chinese bloggers who have been outspoken in their blogs.

Chinese bloggers call this announcement “499”.  Would the 500 bloggers who re-posted the so called slandering content also be sentenced for “defamation"?

Here are a few responses from angry Chinese bloggers:

This is another ‘cultural revolution’, anyone can be arrested, because they have millions of “Wu Mao” workers, if they need to arrest you, just arrange for 500 “wu mao” to re-post your blog contents.

The 50 Cent Party are Internet commentators hired by the Chinese communist party (governments both local and central) to post comments favorable towards party policies in an attempt to shape and sway public opinion on various Internet message boards. The commentators are said to be paid fifty cents or Renminbi for every post that either steers a discussion away from anti-party or sensitive content on domestic websites, bulletin board systems, and chatrooms, or that advances the Communist party line.

What a wonderful “Teachers Day” present! Teachers in communist China deserve this, since they are helping communist leaders brainwash students!

Yes, why not add them into the text book of Confucius colleges (around the world), a great communist China invention.

If you love someone, tell the person to stop using the web; if you hate someone, you just repost his blog 500 times! Haha!  Be careful, don’t upset me, otherwise I will repost your post 500 times!

A terrorist gang has kidnapped Chinese people for over 60 years, This is just another dirty instance.

A suitable gesture to commemorate the death of the devil, Mao Zedong. (9th Sep, 1976.), It is after all following Mao's 'principles'.



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