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A Tale of Two Buildings



The building of the police station in Zhenjiang Town, Jiangsu province commenced in 2008, and was first used as police station in September 2009. By November 2009, the local government decided that the area would be used for commercial the compound was demolished.

The scandal was exposed by Chinese bloggers and resulted in wide criticism by Chinese internet users. Photos of the luxurious compound were spread on many website and blogs, and also, photos of some schools in the area, contrasting the two buildings and communist priorities.


Zhenjiang schoolchildren in their classroom. (screenshot)

Zhenjiang school children entering the school. (screenshot).

The red characters say Zhenjiang Police Station (screenshot)

The luxurious compund being demolished after 2 months of use. (screenshot)



Communism Heals Psychosis? PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

On 26th Nov. 2009, in a psychiatric hospital in Zhiyang, Shichuan province, patients and nurses held a competition singing communist songs.

According to the Zhiyang Daily News, the competition was organised and designed by the hospital to praise the Communist Party by singing “without the Communist Party there will be no new China, the Communist Party works hard for people, to save China…..”

The organiser from the hospital explained that through the singing of red songs with psychiatric patients, "it expresses the love of patients towards the party, towards the country, to bridging a harmonious society”

Patients, nurses and doctors also grouped together on the stage to sing together. (screenshot)

This' healing method' was not the first time it has been used in communist China. On 10th Augsust, 1971, the People’s Daily newspaper published reports claiming that psychiatric patients were healed by following Mao’s thoughts.

The 1971 article said: "The number 165 People's Liberation Army hospital medical group and Hunan province, Chenzhou area mental hospital medical staff, found a new way to cure mental illness with the guidance of Mao Zedong thought, on medical practice. It claimed that over a two year period, educating patients with Mao Zedong thought, backed up by a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, made many psychiatric patients regain health, and rejoin the front line of the revolution and the 'great struggle' movement. Some of these former patients have been chosen as leaders after learning Mao Zedong's thought."

Screenshot of the 1971 People's daily article.

The Zhiyang Daily reported: ‘The voices were loud, neat, melodic and expressed their loyalty towards the Party; carrying the deep love of the communist party and our country, - this competition will be forever imprinted in the brains of these psychiatric patients!’.

The news was wide spread and followed by many online comments

"At this moment, the doctors and patients have produced a very close mental bond which is very rare in the history of psychiatric treatment."

"I am not sure whether these patients were mad before singing red songs or after? I sung some red songs before, will I end up there as well?"

"I think they were normal before singing red songs."

"They are the best choice of people to be singing these songs."

"Red communist songs---the best remedy for psychiatric patients."

"They don't even leave psychiatric patients alone!"

"Psychotics meet with neurotics."




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