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Gaddafi's 'Kindness' ....

In Libya, nearly every family has at least 3 Green books that promote the 'revolutionary ideas' of Gaddafi which offer people a good life and equal rights, though the reality was very different for the Libyan people.

But according to ifeng website, in September 1978, Gaddafi warned religious leaders in his country: “If you continue to act against me, I will burn all the green books, and replace them with the Red book (from China)!”  Obviously Gaddafi  would only use Mao's 'red book' as a last option for punishment. This proved that compared to communist in China, there was still some 'room for kindness' from Gaddafi for the Libya people!

The red book can be purchased online from a Chinese Confucius old book store (screenshot).

It would not surprise if Mao's book is available in the Confucius Institutes set up by the Chinese communist regime in many western countries for propaganda purposes.

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Li Zhisui: Author of The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician

When the news of Dr Li Zhisui's death of a sudden heart attack came out in 1995 many overseas media outlets kept on questioning the circumstances of his death. The fact that he died shortly after  publishing his book had an air of suspicion, even as he died in his home in the US.

Dr Zhisui was Chairman Mao's (the former Communist leader Mao Zedong) personal physician throughout the entire period of Mao's rule.  After Mao's death, Dr Zhisui and his wife moved to the US.  With the help of his wife, sorting out a big collection of notes and diaries, Dr Zhisui wrote the book "Memoirs of Mao Zedong's Personal Physician" in 1995, based on his own intimate personal experiences.

The book gives an in-depth account of Mao's personal life, and also the people close to Mao.  It brings to live a clear picture of a tyrant whose
malevolent endeavours found no matches in recent human history.  In a word, the book was a shock disclosure of the Chinese Communist regime to the world. It was and still is a banned book in China. Many Chinese who happen to travel to the US try to get a chance to read this book. But most annoyingly to the Chinese regime, Dr Zhisui announced that he was going to write another book! How much more will he reveal!?

Shortly after publishing his book Dr Zhisui died at his home from a heart attack.

Mr Fan Ying, a former spy who got involved in the case, analysed that when Dr Zhisui's book was published, Mr Deng Xiaoping - the second leader of the Communist Party - was still alive and Mr Jiang Zeming who was appointed by Mr Xiaoping just got his power, but still had to prove himself. He wanted to win favors with Deng Xiaoping and the rest of the party members in preventing their dirty secrets to be further exposed by a second book from Dr Zishui. So Mr Zeming  gave the order to assassinate Dr Zishui to stabilise his power.

Mr Fan Ying also revealed that after they got the secret order from Mr Zeming to assassinate Dr Zishui, an arrangement was made for a"trusted"
person to pour some water for Dr Zishui, while dropping poison in his glass that was stuck under his fingernails. The effect of the poison is for the
victim to die after 3 days from symptoms that look as if from a heart attack.



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