Dead Pigs And Shanghai Water Print
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China Uncensored Staff   

Over 7000 dead pigs have been pulled from the Huangpu River in Shanghai in the last 10 days, and Chinese people are desperately seeking the truth about water quality.


Some residents try to do tests with tap water, here is one example:


Photo from top to bottom (sceenshot):


Left 1: water quality tester; Right 1: Gadgets for Electrolysis water ;


Left 2: bottled water bought from shop; Right 2: tab water; -- According to Chinese water quality standard, If reading above 55 on this tester, the water is regarded as bad quality.


Left 3: Left side is bottled pure water; right side is tab water; Right 3: 4 seconds after power switched on;


Left 4: 8 seconds after power switched on; Right 4: Electrolysis complete. the right side cup from tab water: heavy metals in darker colour, bacteria in lighter colour.....;


Left 5: pure water turned a little yellow; Right 5: emptying the cup of water into a saucer.







Various media have interviewed Shanghai people regarding the water issue, and most Shanghai people feel helpless and can do nothing beside drink/use this water!


The Huangpu River is the source of drinking water for over 20 million people and has not been regarded as safe to drink from the tap for many decades. Chinese people are well known for drinking boiled water even when they live overseas. Drinking boiled water is already a life long habit for almost every Chinese.


These worries about health have hit Shanghainese, and other Chinese people over and over again, but little solutions are ever offered by the communist regime.


3 years ago, according to a report by the Shanghai Health Department, the cancer rate among the Shanghai population was 1%. Given that this figure is correct, then compared with WHO record,s Shanghai cancer patients rate is 3 times higher than the next highest cancer population in the world.


Why does Chinese society constantly produce poisoned baby milk powder; poisoned dumplings; poisoned eggs and other food?


One can see that communist leaders are not planning to deal with this crisis anytime soon: there are special shops that sell healthy products only to higher communist officials; there are crop farms and stock farms in different locations in China where soil or water are higher quality to produce crops and stock to feed the communist leaders.


Often, these so called organic farms are specially arranged for some Western politicians, or some "green protection' organizers to visit and promote a fake "Green minded but Red Communist society".



A Chinese blogger's version of a popular movie, "Life of Pig". (screenshot from www.secretchina).