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Chinese Woman Sells Grandson

A 57 year old lady tries to sell her grandson to save her son's life.  (screenshot)

Her son and daugther-in-law spent all their savings and have already borrowed more than 200,000 yuan for treatment for the cancer discovered in her son two months ago. Now he needs a transfusion from his sister, but treatment costs another 300,000 yuan,. She is selling her grandson to save her son!

A 22 years old selling 10 years of labour in exchange for money to treat her mother's cerebral haemorrhage.(screenshot)

While, millions of Chinese communist officials receive free medical treatment, nursing care, and even 'viagra'?!

Beijing Air is 'American Air' PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

Spoke person for Foreigner Affairs. of the Communist China, Jiang Yu. (screenshot)

Air quality in many cities of China has already passed the safe level for human habitation, and the recent alarm over Beijing's famously bad air quality is not new.

During last week's publicity of Beijing's lethal air pollution, Chinese netizens were busy replying on a blog of the famous Nando newspaper, to a statement by the spokesperson for the Chinese regime's Foreign Affairs Department, Ms Jiang Yu, hitting back at international media reports.

Jiang Yu apparently said that according to international conventions, the area where the United States Embassy in Beijing sits is United States territory, therefore the air data monitored in that area only indicates that the air quality of America is not good.

Jiang Yu is a familiar figure to the international media and to Chinese netizens, often "defending the indefensible" as she tries to cover up the Chinese communist regimes's atrocities.

Jiang Yu's comments on US Embassy air quality attracted thousands of responses in an hour, many people saying that they cannot believe the shamless and low character of the regime's dog, Jiang, but others saying that it is in line with the communist regime's usual attempts to prove that black is white.



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