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A Tale of Two Buildings



The building of the police station in Zhenjiang Town, Jiangsu province commenced in 2008, and was first used as police station in September 2009. By November 2009, the local government decided that the area would be used for commercial the compound was demolished.

The scandal was exposed by Chinese bloggers and resulted in wide criticism by Chinese internet users. Photos of the luxurious compound were spread on many website and blogs, and also, photos of some schools in the area, contrasting the two buildings and communist priorities.


Zhenjiang schoolchildren in their classroom. (screenshot)

Zhenjiang school children entering the school. (screenshot).

The red characters say Zhenjiang Police Station (screenshot)

The luxurious compund being demolished after 2 months of use. (screenshot)



'A Civil Servant’s Notebook' Exposes Chinese Regime's Corruption PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

In 2001, after the Deputy Mayor of Shenyang, Mr. Ma Xiangdong was sentenced to death because he misappropriated US$3.6 million to  gamble at the Macau Casino, his fellow officials involved in his scandal were arrested and punished. Mr. Ma’s private secretary, the then, 49 years old, Wang Xiaofang eventually escaped punishment and started a career as a writer.  Since then, he has published 13 novels, all about officialdom and the political corruption in China. Millions of copies have been sold.  

Among Wang Xiaofang’s books, A Civil Servant’s Notebook is the first one published in English. In this book, Wang describes the dark side: the conspiracies among Chinese communist officials; the scandals, rumours, and tricks as the candidates tried to replace the sacked mayor. Wang quoted a communist official: “Politics is a dirty deal; you should always be prepared with a knife.”

The English version of A Civil Servant’s Notebook was published in September 2012, just at the time that Bo Xilai was about to face trial and the Chinese regime is about to conduct the so called 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.  It might be a coincidence, but it certainly helps the rest of the world to have a glimpse into the real struggle within the Chinese communist party.

11 of his 13 published novels are critical of the system of China’s bureaucracy.

Wang has four books written, but not published as yet. Wang says: “They are too sensitive in the current political state, some people might recognize the characters in the books, so I may publish them later.”

Having been wading through the muddy waters of Chinese communist officialdom, Wang admits: “Only such a system (communist dictatorship), can yield these corrupted officials.”

In China, under the current abnormal autocracy, the only way for one to get rich is by becoming an official or bribing officials. This is so well known that a 5 year old girl in a kindergarten told her teacher, “I want to be a corrupt official when I grow up.”

After destroying the 5000 year old divine culture of China, the Chinese communist cult has been forcibly implanted into Chinese people – from birth! Many Chinese people have almost forgotten basic human nature, even the basic love between family members.

Under communist brainwashing, many Chinese people believe that “one dies as if the light’s out”, so one should be unscrupulous, greedy, sexual immoral, despicable and shameless ‘to live to the extreme’.  In present day China the communist party has achieved and created such environment.

In describing Bo Xilai’s case, Wang says: “Bo is down now, but there will be a successor or successors trying to take his position, and they will fall as well, and again a thousand follow to fill the position…” It leads to a complete destructive end.

Wang says: “It must be God’s will, to allow a person who can write, to be immersed in this dirty officialdom and corruption; to steal the secrets of that concealed world and to reveal them in the form of literature.”

Wang’s words stop here to avoid his books being banned in China, but Wang may not realize that many Chinese read his books to find out ways of becoming higher communist officials…like the 5 year old girl!

In June 2002, a 270 million-year-old stone was discovered in Guizhou. A crack in the megalith revealed six characters neatly brush-written in Chinese; saying “The Chinese Communist Party Dead” --- [Zhong Guo Gong Chan Dang Wang 中国共产党亡]

The Chinese communist party is evil, must be ended.



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