Extraordinary Variety of Lost Goods in Taiwan Airport Print
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China Uncensored Staff   

If you have ever lost your belongings after traveling by air, you may find them in one of the airports you passed through according to a Taiwan airport publication.

Taoyuan airport has a collection of 5  thousand lost items per year, the variety of the lost goods are fascinating, including Buddhist relics and a burial urn.

According to Taiwan CTS television, in the lost and found office of the airport, steel shelves are heavily piled up with goods.

Most items are tax free wines and cigarettes, there are also expensive computer notebooks, digital cameras and even caches of paper money. There is about 3 million Indonesian dollars here.

There is also a clear crystal bottle with 2 relics within. It is supposed to be relics joyously received from overseas, but unfortunately been forgotten by the disciples.

There is also a burial urn that has been unclaimed for a long period.

Of about 5 -7 thousand lost items per year, only about 40% are collected by the owners.