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When An Elderly Man Falls In China

On 26th Nov. 2013, an elderly man fell while crossing the street in Jinghua, China.

A few passersby stopped their bikes and formed a circle to prevent other riders hitting the man. The man tried to stand up by himself, but failed. People stood around looking at each other, but no one dared to help the old man stand up. They called police and ambulance, and after examination. it was found that the elderly man had no serious injuries.

Some Chinese are loath to give assistance because of incidents like the one below:

Earlier this month, two high school students helped an elderly man up from his fallen bicycle, but the man accused the two students of knocking him down and demanded they pay for his medical expenses. The parents of the students paid 1200 yuan ($200). These two students then posted an online request for witnesses. A shop owner and some customers who saw the fall went to the police to give evidence. The old man had to return the money to the two students.

Extraordinary Variety of Lost Goods in Taiwan Airport PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

If you have ever lost your belongings after traveling by air, you may find them in one of the airports you passed through according to a Taiwan airport publication.

Taoyuan airport has a collection of 5  thousand lost items per year, the variety of the lost goods are fascinating, including Buddhist relics and a burial urn.

According to Taiwan CTS television, in the lost and found office of the airport, steel shelves are heavily piled up with goods.

Most items are tax free wines and cigarettes, there are also expensive computer notebooks, digital cameras and even caches of paper money. There is about 3 million Indonesian dollars here.

There is also a clear crystal bottle with 2 relics within. It is supposed to be relics joyously received from overseas, but unfortunately been forgotten by the disciples.

There is also a burial urn that has been unclaimed for a long period.

Of about 5 -7 thousand lost items per year, only about 40% are collected by the owners.



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