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"We Are Here to Harass"

The recent violence against, and assault of, Hong Kong students, was organized by the Hong Kong government by using police and thugs, Chinese bloggers revealed:


Hong Kong people realized that CY Leung was using underground communist members in the Hong Kong police force and Hong Kong street gansters to cause chaos in Hong Kong streets where students were protesting.

Original News (photos) in Chinese

Tiananmen Dissident Wang Dan on Chinese Soil at Last PDF Print E-mail
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ChinaUncensored Staff   

Wang Dan has applied for a visa to visit his parents in China many times but has always been refused by the communist regime.

However, he finally set foot on Chinese soil after he took took a flight from the US to Taiwan, that was diverted to Hong Kong because of hurricane Saola.

Wang posted on his facebook: "It is a miracle! I am standing on the land of Hong Kong now!. I just had a hot shower, and bought a T-shirt which has a Hong Kong map printed on it, and I am going to the book store to buy some "anti-movement books".

Some Hong Kong media got the message in time, and managed to contact and interview Wang in the airport between 3am to 5 am.

Wang is regarded as a hero in Hong Kong after being imprisoned by the Chinese communist regime for participating in the Tiananmen Square student protests, and finally being exiled to the US upon his release in 1998.

Wang told a reporter from the Apple Daily about the Hong Kong people protesting against proposed comunist brainwashing classes in Hong Kong, "They (those born after 1980~ 1990) are the future of HK, they will take responsibility for HK in future, even though China is taking control of HK in a more restrictive manner every day, I am still quite optimistic, as the HK young people, are against persecution, against total control (by Government)), they do not fear persecution, as long as we deny its (the regime's) power, we will prevail.

Today, the government has no credibility. I do not believe the Chinese Communist Party, because their history is very bad, so whatever they say, I have to not believe it, and then check if there is any possibility of the truth."

Wang hoped that one day he could stand freely with Hong Kong people to properly mourn the victims of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre.



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