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Mysterious Photo By Xinhua News

The Chinese communist mouth piece, Xinhua News published that the Libyan Embassy in Beijing has the New Libya Flag of the interim government, but in the photo, the flag of the Gaddafi government still stands----Is it raised by Beijing's photoshop?

The communist regime is scared to publish any news of the Arab uprisings for fear of sparking similar protests against its brutality and suppression.


This youtube below maybe fit for communist leaders to view:

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Real China
Yu Tang   

The city of Changsha, Shenyang is famous for its traditional dish: dumpling. Each year there are dumpling eating competitions. This year's competition "China's King of Appetite" was held south of the East road in Shanyang, which is called "dumpling city."

A 16 year old junior, Peng Siliang, won the title of "China's King of Appetite" this year by defeating last years winner Yizhong Pan. He ate 92 dumplings in 15 minutes.

Prior to the competition, players start by topping the dumplings with water, which makes the dumplings cold, and easily separated. Some even sprinkle with chili oil, or vinegar according to their own taste.

When the contest starts, players begin to eat as quickly as possible, but a lot of players had to quit after eating 50 dumplings.

Peng Shi-Liang raised his hands in victory while he was still munching his 92nd dumpling.



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