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Chinese Monk Worships Atheist Mao

Brainwashing in communist China to an incredible degree. A monk is worshipping in front of a monument of Mao Zedong, the former dictator of communist China, who was responsible for the killing of more then 80 million Chinese citizens, and destroyed almost every religious temple and monument despite a history of thousands of years. (screenshot)

"What are the monks in China studying every day in the temple?" you may ask.

Maybe the Little Red Book!

Stealing and Selling Children Within Half Hour in Guangdong Province. PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Robert Bowman   

Kidnapping and selling children in Dongguan is highly organized, with kidnappers “stealing, transferring and selling” in one supply chain service. Children can be kidnapped, then transferred out off the town or county within half an hour, and finally sold in another town.

According to Central News Taipei, China Central Television (CCTV) in “Economic Half Hour” reported that kidnapping children has become a large scale “trade”, Dongguan especially is a “disaster zone”, and kidnapping networks have formed a supply chain.

There are large amounts of peasant workers from the country, in Dongguan from all over China, many of them with low incomes, and no ability to send their kids to kindergarten, so they let them play near their home when their parents go to work. No one is looking after their kids, and their residential situations are complicated due to poor financial support, which gives ample opportunity to kidnappers.

Network of organized crime

The report says that the number of people involved in kidnapping children in China in a gang can range from 10 to 100, and that it has become a network of organized crime with characteristics of family structure, professional and reaching across provinces. Because the organisation is so huge, the speed and the efficiency of kidnapping children has highly alarmed many parents. Once kidnapped, within half an hour, these children have been transferred, by the time the parents report missing children, these children have disappeared without a trace, Police say that to find any leads is very difficult.

After the children are transferred to other areas, they will be sold just like ‘buk choy’ (a popular Chinese vegetable) sold with a price tag”. Most of them would be adopted by a purchasing family, others can become little beggars controlled by a head beggar, and some of the girls are forced into prostitution.

This child's tongue and penis were cut off. the wound on his head was caused when hit by a truck. People living near the rubbish dump offer some food to him. (Screenshot from news

A professor from the University of the Public Security of China, Wang Da Wei says, ten years ago, selling a child could gain a profit of several thousand yuan; in recent years the profit has doubled. In some developed areas, a baby boy can be sold for ten thousand yuan($1465).




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