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1000 Hand Written Contacts From Stolen Iphone

A Chinese man, Mr Zou's mobile phone (Iphone 4) was stolen after sharing a texi with 3 strangers. He used his friend's phone to send a message to his stolen phone, "I know that you were the person sitting next to me. If you check the numbers stored in my phone, you know what I will do to you. Please send my phone to this address xxx."

A few days later, Mr. Zou received a package. After opening, he was stunned: a complete hand written copy of his contacts list which numbered nearly 1000, and his sim card was returned.

Mr Zou did not report the theft to the police. He said the contacts were more important than the phone.

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Seven Areas that Showcase China’s Moral Crisis

The world may know that China faces a moral crisis, but may not realize how serious the problem really is.

Considering specific examples, from officials raping an innocent child and then declaring her a prostitute, to doctors treating a beggar to a nice meal and then killing him to harvest and sell his organs, from Chinese netizens singing eulogies to bin Laden after the U.S. killed him, to the series of frauds that China perpetrated on the public at the Beijing Olympics, the world may gain a deeper understanding of the problem.

This Chinascope article is the first in a series that analyzes the moral crisis in China, raising issues of great concern both for the nation itself and for the world.

The factors to be addressed include not just how the crisis manifests, but also its historical development both within the context of ancient Chinese history and the unfolding of events after the Communist revolution.

Part I is an exploration of seven areas that exemplify the serious nature of China’s Moral Crisis.

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