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Knife Chained and Child Chained

(A blogger took this photo of a kitchen in a noodle bar, in Xinjiang. screenshot)

Recently, there was some knife violence in Xingjiang. The Chinese authorities decided to restrict buying, owning, and using knives, and this is one result in a local restaurant in Xinjiang, China.

Among many responses, one blogger commented: "I don't know whether to laugh or cry! What shall I  do with my knife at home!"

Chaining is becoming more popular for Chinese people in their daily lives:

Below is a father and his daughter in a train station, both falling sleep while in the waiting room. Fearing his daughter may be kidnapped, the father chained his daughter to him.


Communist Regime Backs Down in Wukan Village PDF Print E-mail
Real China

There have been some amazing happenings in Wukan village in Guangdong Province since September 21st this year.

In the communist party (CCP) ruled mainland where land seizures and illegal demolitions take place every day, the villagers in Wukan have shown that people power can embarrass the communist regime into making grudging concessions.

After 8000 villagers took to the streets in September to demand justice, the local officials refused to hear their complaints and were run out of town by the villagers.

The communist regime sent paramilitary troops to lock down the village, however, the villagers proceeded with running village affairs without CCP intervention.

Though Wukan people didn’t know much about democracy, they understood some simple rules, that is, “if the CCP won’t work for the people, then we will let it go”.

Their experience also proves that without the CCP in the way the Wukan villagers can live a very comfortable life. In the past 120 days, the temporary village council and the Womens’ Association elected by villagers to represent Wukan people, managed their local affairs, and everything in the village is in order.

All villagers take the initiative to guard and patrol their village, and there were no criminal cases in these 120 days.  However, the villagers need to be on guard not against thieves, but against the CCP military police who were trying to arrest the people there.

Real owners

Because all the major events in the village have been decided by the villagers, every villager has their voice and vote, so the Wukan villagers have come to be the real owners of their village.

From what happens in Wukan we can draw three conclusions:  first is that without the CCP there would not be chaos; second, there is no need for democracy to be taught, people are born with the knowledge of democratic management; third, the CCP is redundant, ie. even no government would be better than the CCP.

The reason for the Wukan protest is that the local CCP party cadres illegally sold 80%  of the local collective fields, and embezzled all the profits,  and also because of the corruption of the local council, as the village directors had not been replaced for more than 40 years because the local party cadres  falsified the election results  with fake tickets.

The local villagers had appealed against the land seizure and the voting issues more than 10 time since June 2009, but these issues had never been resolved fairly  by the local government. So the young people of Wukan began to discuss these human rights issues on the internet.

Then more than 400 Wukan villagers appealed again to protest  against the village party branches and village committee secretly selling land to developers, but their protest was branded as “ a non-normal petition”  by the local Lufeng municipal government on 21st, Sep, 2011.

Autonomy for 120 days

This resulted in the angry villagers spontaneously assembling and besieging the local village council and public security border police station, so the village officials and the party secretary quickly fled, and the Wukan people began their autonomy.

In mid November, thousands of villagers took to the streets, holding banners: “ against the dictatorship, against corruption, against collusion, return  our farm land”.

The demanding of civil and human rights by Wukan worried the CCP, the impact being as great as the Chinese democracy movement of 1989.

Even though the democracy movement of 1989 was larger, its point was to help the CCP reform,  and it was student-oriented, but the essence of Wukan is to get rid of the CCP’s rule in Wukan, and the initiators of Wukan’s  revolution are the farmers who the CCP depended on to grab power in 1949.

What worries the Chinese regime the most, is whether the autonomy of Wukan would lead to ”the  villages encircling the cities” as the CCP itself did before.

Therefore the CCP has been attempting to regain its lost political power in Wukan. Thousands of CCP paramilitary tried to storm Wukan village on the 11th of December, but thousands of farmers blocked their way with sticks and farm implements.

Tortured to death

It was also on this day that the news that Mr. Xue Jingbo, a spokesperson for the village had been tortured to death, was revealed.

The villagers were furious, they set up a memorial hall for Mr. Xue, and the next day the villagers held a village conference and swore that they would defend Wukan village and justice for Mr. Xue.

Wukan’s feat is supported by web users in China and has also been a main story in the international media.

The CCP was terrified, they sealed off Wukan village and mobilized a large number of armed police from neighboring counties and cities to suppress the situation with force, however, the villagers were also ready for combat, they set up roadblocks and continued to protest, vowing that they would fight to the end.

The international focus resulted in a backdown by the CCP and the removal of troops with a promise to investigate villager’s complaints.

The recent autonomy of the Wukan people is in line with the rule that the CCP is going to collapse, however, whether the Wukan villagers can taste their final success depends on whether they can completely give up their illusion of the CCP.

'Stability' at any cost

Wukan people are not afraid of dying and have the courage to defend their rights.  But of course, after shouting “down with those corrupt officials” if they continue to support the communist party it will be contradictory to gaining democracy.

Wukan villagers may not know that the CCP leadership’s  fundamental interest is consistent with the local corrupt officials, and local officials are the social basis for the CCP’s rule.

The source of the misery of Wukan is the rule of the CCP itself, it is not merely a few  corrupt officials, moreover, the CCP is completely rotten from the top down, so even if a few corrupt officials are replaced by higher officials, will that new government be good?

The way of the CCP is to repress the people at all times, in the name of  ‘stability’.

The CCP will never give up its control even though  the sacrifice might be the lives of Wukan people.

In the students’ movement in 1989, even though the students knelt down to the CCP to ask for its reform, the CCP thought that concessions to the students would result in the loss of its power, so they still slaughtered the students.

The autonomy that Wukan people have had in the last 120 days has threatened the survival of the CCP, so it would be very possible for the CCP to recreate a similar slaughter as it did in Dec, 2005 in Shanwei city, Dongzhou county, Guangzhou, which was covered up by the CCP by locking down the city and keeping journalists away.

The power that Wukan people can depend on are their strength of unity, support from the national and international community, and the power of the internet to expose the CCP.

Nine commentaries

In order to really do this, it is important for the Wukan villagers to read the ‘Nine Commentaries on the CCP’, to really understand that the CCP cannot change.

The final victory of Wukan will depend on the awakening of all Chinese people. If there would be tens of thousands of Wukan villages, then the CCP tyranny will self-destruct.



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