'Batman' Experiences Life In China Print
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China Uncensored Staff   

'Batman' star Christian Bale was punched and stopped from visiting blind Chinese activist, Chen Guangchen recently.

As Christian Bale and a CNN reporter and cameraman approached an impromptu checkpoint leading to this tiny village in eastern China, four men blocking the narrow path started marching toward him in menacing unison.

"I am here to see Chen Guangcheng," the Hollywood actor said. "Go away!" the plainclothes guards barked, pushing the group back.

Amid the scuffling and yelling, dozens more guards in olive-green, military-style overcoats, and two gray minivans emerged from the other side of the checkpoint, all coming toward them.

"Why can I not visit this free man?" Bale asked repeatedly, only to receive punches from guards aiming for his small camera as they tried to drag him away.

Recently, a Chinese blogger posted some photos of Chen Guangchen and his family members on a blog, but Chinese human rights activist, Hu Jia disclosed that the person who posted those photos is a member of the "50 centsĀ  party", who was helping the communist authority to divert people's attention. Those photos could be taken at any time by the police guards who have watched Mr. Chen's family 24 hours a day since his release from jail a year ago.

The youtube site is one of the sites blocked by the Chinese regime in China.

The following youtube video shows a CNN reporter being hit by Chinese thugs backed by the communist police force.