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Factory Worker Photo Fail in Front of Li Keqiangg

When Chinese news reported on Premier Li Keqiang's visit to a Dongguan factory, a photo of this worker caught many people by surprise, Can you find anything wrong?



One Chinese blog said: "girl, please don't pretend, doesnt your hand get burnt?"

Another blogger: "So a government office worker pretends to sit there?"

Another: "could that be a "massage parlour lady" performing a sit in?" (Dongguan is "famous" for its massive prostitution "industry" which isprotected by local officials and criminals)

Beijing Air: 'Crazy Bad' PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

In past 2 weeks, many cities in north east China area have faced a thick blanket of smoke and particles in the air.  Thanks to the twitter of the US Embassy in Beijing, Chinese are able to know the horrendous situation of air pollution.

"Beyond Index" or "Crazy bad"?


The explanation of Air pollution Index: (link to website)


2 weeks of photos taken from same spot in Beijing: top left: Year,month, date; top right: time photo taken.

Chinese in the photo of the bottom right one: The End of the World is here. (screenshot)

The sad news is that the 'smoke' is, in fact, acid pollution.



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