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Factory Worker Photo Fail in Front of Li Keqiangg

When Chinese news reported on Premier Li Keqiang's visit to a Dongguan factory, a photo of this worker caught many people by surprise, Can you find anything wrong?



One Chinese blog said: "girl, please don't pretend, doesnt your hand get burnt?"

Another blogger: "So a government office worker pretends to sit there?"

Another: "could that be a "massage parlour lady" performing a sit in?" (Dongguan is "famous" for its massive prostitution "industry" which isprotected by local officials and criminals)

Chinese Bloggers Say 'Sorry' For Cheering on '9.11' Ten Years Ago PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Ten years ago, when the United States and people around the world were shocked and saddened by the loss of life in the '9.11' terrorist attack, people in some countries and regions were happily cheering the atrocity.

Ten years later, some Chinese, who once gloated over American’s misfortune have now posted statements on the Web to express their remorse, and apologizing to the American people.

Wu Gan's blog, saying sorry to Americans. (screenshot)

Wu Gan is now a human rights activist, but was working in a communist government department 10 years ago. He admits that he was one of the many Chinese who were celebrating the US tragedy. Wu expressed his sorrow for his ignorance, and asked for forgiveness from the American people.
WU explained to Voice of America (VOA), and in Chinese radio interviews, the reasons for his behavior at that time:

"First, I was still within the (communist regime’s) system; second, the message passed by the (communist) government blockades the truth. We were also brainwashed by restricted nationalism and it caused us to form a biased and narrow view on such a  man-made disaster. Why are American values different from ours? Now (we) recognize that Western values are universal values, that is, respect for human life. For example, after 9.11, every victim is respected and commemorated; while our Sichuan earthquake or poisoned milk powder victims, also the fast train collision victims… people now can compare, and reflect…”

Wu Gan uses "butcher" as his blogger name to post his comments, many bloggers replied to his, by also posting their apologies to Americans. Most of them thanked the internet, (for information that clarified the truth) leading to them finally breaking free from the brainwashing propaganda of the Chinese communist regime.    

A blogger called "Hainan old six": "Please excuse me of my ignorance. I am sorry. "

Another netizen said:" 10 years ago very excited, thinking the US really deserved it. It just shows how brainwashed we are under such a political ‘Kingdom’, people lose their basic human morality.”

Guo Caihong, mother of a victim of the toxic melamine milk powder, from Henan province of China told VOA, that many people do not know that the exposure of the melamine milk was also on 9.11 three years ago, and many Chinese have not able to reflect on our own 9.11 tragedy. Guo says: “I feel too few people know about it, even though it effects 30 million families, 30 million children were poisoned. As for the  food safety situation of present, it shows people are still not awakening, food poisoning constantly reappears, and there is no improvement in this issue.”

Teng Biao, a long time human rights activist, who was ‘disappeared' for a few months by the Chinese communist regime commented: "The terror of 9.11 melamine milk powder is as horrific and heart breaking as the 9.11 attack that America endured."

A Chinese writer Du Yangming: “when mentioning terrorism, people naturally think of Bin Laden, but actually the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself is a terrorist organization. The CCP has caused millions of deaths from injustice during its’ 60 year rule in China. One after another movement, with the power of the government, the most severe state of terror, was arming the persecutors to their teeth, to intimidate completely unarmed, defenseless citizens of China. Chinese people are lambs with no human rights, and no political rights, ready to be slaughtered."

A current affairs commentator Li Tianxiao believes that the phenomenon of Chinese people taking pleasure in other people's misfortune, is beyond the state of one’s mood extremes, it is neither a “split personality”, nor a "common human weakness." It is the reflection of the abnormal mentality of Chinese people, being ‘nurtured’ by communist party culture for so long, and being fed by the distorted propaganda of the communist media. The communist culture adds hatred into Chinese minds, and caused many Chinese to take pleasure from the 9.11 tragedy. Chinese people are victims of the communist party culture.

Editor's note

Many bloggers 'thanked the internet' for being able to break free from the all-pervading censorship of the communist regime.

These bloggers are probably using one of the 'anti-censorship' tools that have led to people who live under oppressive regimes such as China and Iran, being able to get truthful information about world affairs, and especially happenings in their own countries, that the regimes do not want their citizens to know about.

Further information on 'anti-censorship' tools



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