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Still Working to Survive at Age 101 in Communist China

Madam Tan Xiaozheng (pictured above) lived in Guizhou for more than 50 years but never got her residents permit, so she is not entitled to receive a pension or any support form the government. She has had to support herself all her life and is still doing so at age 101. (screenshot).

The regime has always promised to look after the elderly.

In 1985, Newspapers and local cadres were told to promote this:

On red banner: Family planning (one child policy) is good, Government will look after the elderly. (screenshot)

In the 90's, On red banners: Family planning (One child policy) is good, Government is helping the elderly. (screenshot)

In 2000, on red banner: The elderly cannot completely rely on government to look after them. (screenshot)


In 2012, On Red banners: Delaying retirement is good, support yourself in your old age. (screenshot)

In 2013, Words in gold: Living off your mortgage, enjoy your future life.

The above are newspaper articles (propaganda) from 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2012 with the same slogan as the above banners.

The communist regime had tried to allay fears that the one child policy would lead to very few family members to look after the elderly, by promising that the government would do so.

Now many elderly people have no family to look after them and have been abandoned by the communist regime.

Mysterious Bullet Train Death Toll PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

7.23 Bullet train crash on Chinese communist birthday.The 'hi-speed' train crash on the 23rd July in southern China, has again forced Chinese people to face the cruel reality of communist rule.

Chinese people are outraged after officials ordered the burying of the crashed train carriages, and not spending more time and effort to search for survivors or bodies of the victims after the crash. Many bloggers posted comments and queries about the real death toll that was covered up by officials.

Blog posted on 24th July:

"The carriage that I was ordered to bury this morning, still had people alive inside."

"Lives of Chinese people are so trivial in the eyes of our modern "Great Emperor"!

"Explained by the Transport minister: It is a mystery."

"A bunch of animals eating human food, but not doing human things." (anger at communist officials.)

Blog on 25th July:

"According to onsight reporter, Ding Yao, from Dragon TV, on 24th July, 7pm, the death toll was 63, but the transport spokesperson, Mr. Wang Yongping said at 10pm on 24th, death toll is 35."

Almost all Chinese bloggers do not believe the death toll figures from CCTV (communist mouthpiece), or officials, as most disasters and accidents are the result of negligence and corruption, and are covered up by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The 'magical' figure of 35


One blogger provided some media reports collected from previous disasters in China, and suggests: communist officials always seem to cap death tolls to 35; it is to reduced the degree, or severity of disasters, to minimise any negative news in the media, and to provide glorious presence of the control by communist party.

(only one third from the blogger's list being translated below).



  • April 1993, In Dashiqiao city of Liaoning province, a train collided with a bus, death toll was 35.
  • March 1995, A fire in the shopping centre of Anshan, Liaoning province, death toll was 35;
  • November 1995, Over 40 counties of Shandong province were hit by severe strong winds, death toll was 35;
  • June 1996, There was a tragedy caused by fake wine in Qujing, Yunnan province, death toll was 35;
  • May 1997, Shenzheng airport disaster, death toll 35;
  • August 2001, A train carriage derails into a dam, death toll 35;
  • July, 2003, A factory for making fire crackers in Xingji county, Shandong province exploded, 35 people died.
  • July 2003, A mine in Zaozhuang, Shandong province leaked toxic liquid, 35 people died;
  • August 2003, landslide in Guizhou province, Sanhui county, 35 people died.
  • December 2003, Liaoning fire cracker factory explosion. 35 died.
  • August 2004, Shanxi province, Lingfen county, mine accident, death toll 35.




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