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The human rights organization China Aid has obtained a letter from Yuan Weijing, the wife of blind attorney and forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng, that offers details for the first time, of the torture and beatings both have faced, and more details of brutal persecution by the communist regime towards the Chen family are emerging. (related news linked here )

Chinese people, who live both inside and outside of China are deeply concerned and calling on the international community to intervene as soon as possible.

Lawyer Chen Guangcheng had recorded a set of videos that  revealed the horrific persecution that the communist regime had forced on him and his family, during his time in jail and also after he was released last year. The video was smuggled out of China and  released on Youtube. Chen said in the video that the regime had warned him of not speaking to overseas media before he was released, but Chen and his wife are determined to disclose the crimes still happening in China.

View 'documentary' on how the communist regime keeps watch on a blind man!

Please make phone call to help! --Ms Moli calls from Sweden.

Ms. Moli, a Chinese democracy activist who lives in Sweden,had received the latest information about lawyer Chen and his wife, Moli says that after realizing that Chen's family is in grave danger again, she could not sleep, and sent this letter out to Chinese media seeking support to save Chen and his family.

The new information revealed that Chen and his wife were both beaten by 70 to 80 communist thugs who also took all their family belongings. Chen and his family are finding it very hard to  survive now. Chen's health is seriously deteriorating.

Since those 80 people, sent by the communist regime to beat Chen and his wife were in plain clothes, Ms. Moli had to call many Chinese bureaus to try to find a way to report the beating and looting. Mr. Chen and his family are under watch by 3 groups of 'guards' each group consisting of about 22 people. One group is watching every entrance to the village where Chen's family live; one group is watching the surrounding area of the Chen's house, and one group is responsible for watching every movements of Chen's family member's daily life. Many cameras have been set up around the village and around the house.

Ms Moli had gathered a list of people who were responsible for, or connected to, the persecution of Chen's family, and asks the international community to help make calls to these people to warn them to stop this atrocity.

The perpetrators:

Li Qun, CCP leader in Qingdao city, who also served 3 months as assistant to the mayor of Newhaven city in America.

Ma Kun, deputy mayor of Linyi county, most likely is one of the main culprits who who ordered the persecution of lawyer Chen.

Zheng Zhijie, CCP chairman of Yinan police department, mobile: 13608901119

Yang Xigang, public security bureau, responsible for the 3 surveillance teams at Chen's home. mobile 13608901166

Xie Yongbo, deputy chief of Yinan police station, also chief of 610 office. mobile: 13605497379。

Yinan police station: land line:  0539-3222020、0539-3221238 Chief's office telephone: 0539-3221007

Ma Chenglong, Yinan security team leader, mobile: 13573945281 home phone: 0539-3223401。

ZHang Jian, Yinan county Shuanghou town deputy leader of CCP.

Zhang Changguo, general manager of the Yinan Shuanghou police station, mobile: 13581071666; office: 0539-3711006

More Chinese names and information can be found at Chinese blog (linked here).

China Uncensored also calls on Italian Tenor, Mr. Andrea Bocceli, who has offered his support for the Chinese people before, to help the Chen family.

Support from Chinese inside China:

In recent years, many Chinese people have realized that there is no use seeking justice from the communist regime, so they have tried to bring their cases to the United Nations, or asked help from the United States by holding gatherings in front of the office of the United Nation in Beijing; in front of the America Embassy, French Embassy, and British Embassy, while knowing that their actions could attract more severe persecution from the regime.

Many Chinese bloggers expressed: "It is most urgent and needed for the United Nations, and the United States and its allies, to condemn the communist regime in China"

A Chinese who maybe was close to Lawyer Chen Guangcheng sent the following letter to China Aid in a desperate bid to save Chen Guangcheng's family:

Dear Mr President, the Secretary of State, and all members of Congress,

We believe that you have seen Chen Guangcheng’s videotapes, Chen Guangcheng's wife asked in one of the video: “if my husband and I may ‘come to a bad end (being killed by Chinese communist regime’, dear friends, please take care of our two children. ”

(A set of 5 videos was posted early this year, and China Aid has translated them into English. Please check the above link and more on Youtube. -Editor)

Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer, and his wife Yuan Weijing, living under most vicious dictatorship of the Chinese communist regime, are ready to sacrifice their lives, their family, for thousands of victims in China.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we believe in America; we believe that people in America uphold values of democracy, human rights and freedom. Today, a blind man and his wife in China are protecting such values with their lives. 

I also wanted to remind you, that those people who had helped Chen in this event are not dissidents or human rights activists as you usually describe them, they are middle class Chinese, who sold their cars, to buy video equipment, with special internet skill joining in the effort to save Mr. Chen Guangcheng. They hope to use this case to push China towards progress. This is the time for the US to display the American values (to China).

If in this case (saving Chen Guangcheng), America does not show its principles and values, its real power, I think, the values of America will be shattered; and also the hope and expectation of thousands of middle class Chinese will be ruined.