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Mount Emei (Chinese: 峨嵋山) in Shichuan province, China is one of the five sacred mountains in China.It is 3099M above the sea level.

The patron Bodhisattva of Emei is Samantabhadra, known in Chinese as Puxian (普贤菩萨). 16th and 17th century sources allude to the practice of martial arts in the monasteries of Mount Emei and make the earliest extant reference to the Shaolin Monastery as Chinese boxing's place of origin.

Mount Emei was made a World Heritage Site in 1996 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Photos by China uncensored.

Jailed 22 Years, Ironman of 6.4.89 Movement PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Mr. Li Wangyang from Hunan Province, was jailed for a total of 22 years because he followed his conscience and refused to plead guilty for his involvement in the 1989 students movement which was crushed by the communist party in the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Li was brutally tortured and is now deaf and blind. He was finally released from jail last month.

According to his friend, Mr. Zhu Chengzhi, Li was a very healthy and extremely fit person when jailed, but he was carried out of jail on a stretcher. He has no income and relies on his sister to survive at present.

Li was jailed for 13 years for organizing a workers team to support the students movement and was released in 2000, Li straight away became involved with dissidents seeking human rights in China. Li was arrested again in 2001 and jailed until 5th May, 2011.

Despite being blind and deaf, Li's mind is still very clear, Mr. Zhu says. Li's hope for democracy is still fresh.

Mr. Zhu is asking people to help Li Wangyang in this difficult time.




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