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Dragon Caught on Film?

At 0:02, in the sky, top right area, a snake like object flying to the left. Clip repeats at 0:52, and 0:57.

A film crew was filming beside a lake, when the sunny weather changed suddenly and a dragon? was caught on camera moving from right to left across the sky.

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Real China
Translated from Lingna web   

Guangzhou Art College holds an annual art exhibition displaying the works of its students.

A student, Miss Liu Lujie organized 35 human embryos representing the different stages of the embryo during pregnancy.  Liu's exhibition is called: “30 Days, 600 Cases”.

On a table, 35 glass containers each contain an early human embryo in clear liquid, showing the different growing stage: from the  size of a thumb, to as large as a fist. Beside each bottle, are size reduced photo copies of the medical record of each abortion case, which indicate that these embryos were aborted between 1-3 months.

The description of this contemporary collection reads:

In today’s society, abortion has become a very common thing.

How do you feel in front of these embryos?" moral feelings, human nature, emotions....."

The vivid display of these embryos caused quite a stir, and images of this display are widely spread on the internet.

Art student, Miss Liu Lujie (screenshot)

In a press interview, Miss Liu explained that she hoped through visual effects to provoke deeper thinking about abortion.

Miss Liu's teacher, Ma Wenxi told reporters, that the idea for this collection came from Miss Liu’s own creativity, all items collected by Miss Liu herself from hospital. Miss Liu also collected all the information of the parents of the baby, displayed in such a careful way. Mr. Ma greatly appreciates his student’s independent thinking.

Miss Liu's collection on display at the art show. (screenshot)


Reporter: Where is your inspiration from?
Liu Lujie: From things happening around me. In fact, abortion is very common, I have friends who have experienced this.  Their stories had a profound effect on me, it led to this project
Reporter: Did you consult with your teacher before commencing this work?  
Liu Lujie: My teacher was very supportive.  
Reporter: How much time did you spend on this?  
Liu Lujie: At least three months. I have been thinking about it for a while.
Reporter: Did you feel scared when collecting these embryos?
Liu Lujie: No, why be afraid? Maybe people see thing from different angle.  They are lives, very beautiful. I do not feel sick, I found they are very beautiful, and I pick those relatively perfect ones.
Reporter: So you screened the embryos before display?
Liu Lujie: Yes, yes. You know that an embryo will be damaged during the process of induced abortion. I select relatively nice ones. I would like to consider the final visual effects, not to make people feel sick, or very bloody.  I collected 40, displayed 35.
Reporter: Some viewers are are concerned about the legality of you collecting these baby embryos.
Liu Lujie: My teacher reminded me before I started this collection. So all the collecting work is done legitimately, but I really cannot tell you details of the process.  
Reporter: How to prove it is legal?  
Liu Lujie: I used to do mixed media works, reuse waste rubbish, Now, they are also rubbish, waste material that the hospital throws away, not involving anyone's privacy.  
Reporter: Have you had any trouble during collection?
Liu Lujie: Yes… some, but finally overcome. I prefer not to mention. I hope people pay more attention to its deeper meaning, instead of digging how I get these.
Reporter: Seeing beautiful things destroyed, did you feel sad?
Liu Lujie: Sometimes very unpleasant.  The whole process gives me the feeling that many people have a disregard for human for life, take abortion casually, do not care at all.  
Reporter: How do your classmates view your work? Have you invited your parents to attend your graduation works exhibition?
Liu Lujie: At the beginning of selecting a project, I had already discussed with classmates in the class, they are very supportive. My parents, I have not spoken with them at present, they are very busy.
Reporter: What do you want to tell people most through this exhibition?
Liu Lujie: I hope this will cause people to think deeply, have respect for life, be responsible to human nature, emotion, and self-protection, and so on.  
Reporter: After the exhibition, what will you do with this work?
Liu Lujie: Continue to participate in some exhibitions or I can donate to some medical institutions, as case specimens.



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