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China's Invention: Child Sandwich?

It appears to be a lot of fun for the teacher who sits on top of layers of children: her students. (screenshot)

A parent was shocked to find this photo among other photos of children's activities in school on the QQ blog of the school parenting site.

One blogger commented: Dear Teacher, you look very happy, what about these kids?! What about their feelings?!

Growing up with communist idealogy, modern Chinese have not heard of common sense and human dignity if their parents do not teach them privately.

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Mr. Xu Wu. Photo taken after he escaped from pyschiatric hospitalOn 19th April, 2011, Mr. Xu Wu, a fireman from Wuhan Iron and Steel (WISCO)  escaped from WISCO 2nd Employee's Hospital, where he was locked up for 4 years, by using bed sheets to form a rope , after dislodging the iron bar on the window of his room.

Wearing dirty clothes, unshaven, with less then 3 yuan (US $0.40) on him, Mr. Xu took a bus straight away to Wuhan railway station, where lucky he met an old friend who lent him some money to buy a train ticket to Guanzhou. After arriving in Guangzhou, Xu then went to Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital and requested a medical exam. The medical report stated that Mr. Xu's self esteem is slightly low, he is depressed, but has no mental illness.

But, Xu's freedom only lasted 8 days. On 27th April, after being interviewed by Southern TV, Mr. Xu and his father caught a taxi in front of theTV Station. Their taxi was forced to stop by 7 plain cloth police (photos provided below). They dragged his father out of the car and took Mr. Xu away.

According to Southern TV, one of the plain clothes men waved a police ID card cover to them, without opening the ID card. Security personell and reporters from Southern TV managed to stop one kidnapper and took him to Guangzhou police station where Guangzhou police confirmed that the 7 men were policemen from Wuhan province. They all had legal papers and "insider" documents (called: Nei-bu-wen-jian in Chinese) prepared, so they had to let them take Mr. Xu.

In China, an "insider" document usually means a document issued by the higher political beaureaux, or from high ranking communist party leaders, not necessarily from the police department.

Chinese people clearly understand from decades of brain washing: "The communist party is the highest authority above all organizations in China." Chinese people are to automatically obey orders or instructions from leaders above their position.


Mr. Xu Wu in Guangzhou. (screenshot)

Mr. Xu Wu had a dispute with Wuhan Steel Corperation about his wages 5 years ago. He took his case to court, and the company offered a settlement, which was refused by Mr. Xu.

Mr. Xu wanted to continue proceedings in court. He went to Beijing to appeal, but was arrested in Beijing and sent back to Wuhan and detained by Wuhan Steel Corp.

Mr. Xu's parents told media that senior managers of the security department of Wuhan Steel told  them that if they signed papers stating that their son has a mental illness, they would release him immediately, but instead, they locked Mr. Xu in a pyschiatric hospital for 4 years after Xu's parents signed that paper, and Xu's parents were stopped from visiting Xu in hospital for 4 years.

According to a person who works in the pyschiatric hospital, most patients need to pay their own expenses, but some are paid by certain government departments. Mr. Xu's expenses was paid by Wuhan Steel Corp.  The company had been paying big money to the hospital to lock him up: he had a special room with bars on window, he had less time and chances to walk in the hospital yard like other patients.

Two month before his escape, Mr. Xu watched a Hong Kong film in which Jacky Chan used a wet bed sheet to break the steel bar in a cell to escape. So he copied this and succeeded in escaping.

No rule of law in China

Southern TV interviewed a lawyer, Mr. Gu Haowei of Guangdong province about this matter. Mr. Gu said: "a pyschiatric patient shall not be arrested by police, they are not criminals. Only people from Wuhan Pyschiatric Hospital, or Mr. Xu's parents have the right to bring Mr. Xu back to hospital. Mr. Xu came to Guangzhou to seek a  medical exam and has not endangered any body or society......."

But we might just as well stop analysing this matter legally, as in communist China, the party overrules the courts!

As Mao, and his followers clearly stated: "Power comes from a gun". So in all legal matters, there will only be one outcome - that which is prescribed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Photo clips from CCTV Southern TV:
First photo from top: at 27th April 2011, 13:27:56

Two person in front of the Wu's taxi.

Second photo: 27th April 2011, 13:32:16

Another taxi came from behind quickly, 4 men got out of the car.

Third photo: 7th April 2011, 13:32:46

Plain clothed men dragged Mr. Xu's father out of the taxi.

Fourth photo: 27th April 2011, 13:33:19

Some men were dragging Xu's father, while the rest of the men about to leave with Xu in the first taxi.



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