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600 Students Share 8 Toilets

Students running towards toilet after class. (screenshot)

A middle school in Xian province is facing a major toilet shortage. As one part of the school area which includes toilet facilities having been returned to a neighboring village after a 10 year, now 600 students, and 54 teachers have to share these 8 hole-style toilets. Long queues form outside toilets during every class break and before and after school, say students.

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Real China
Yu Tang   

Did you drink wine with a meal in China on your last visit? If your wine was offered by communist officials, then you are probably safe as they need you to speak well of them, and they would not risk your health at this point, but if you had a meal by yourself in a restaurant, even a well presented one, you might just have been drinking a chemical mixture.

On 7th May, 2011, police raided a house in a small village in Shenyang province, and arrested a fake wine maker, surnamed Zhang. 50 thousand empty wine bottles with labels from dozens of brands were found stored in the house with buckets of chemicals that were ready for the process of "wine" making.

The local police were tipped off that someone was making fake wine in the village, and ambushed the house when a buyer with a truck came to the house to collect the wine. The arrested suspect was from Jilin province, and had been making fake wine with his family in Jilin, but "got into trouble" in Jilin a year ago. After lying low for half a year , Zhang was induced by friends to come to Shenyang to continue his "fake business".

The fake wine that Zhang was making contained about 8 different chemicals, plus coloring, flavoring essence, ethyl alcohol and water. 2 of the flavoring essences are used in other food processes, and 6 flavoring essence are forbidden to be used in food, even in China.

Among Zhang's production, some "wines" contained sulfuric acid instead of alcohol to achieve a certain taste! Drinking a small amount will cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and blurred vision. Drinking large amounts may cause breathing difficulties, cold sweat, fainting, and reduced circulation, even death.

According to the Shenyang Daily, Zhang said that it cost him 1 yuan to make one bottle of wine, which he sold for 2 yuan to wholesalers, and 5 to 6 yuan to restaurants and supermarkets. The wine is then retailed for between 10 yuan to even a few hundred yuan in fancy restaurants.





















Different wine labels found at the scene. (screenshot)

chemical mixture-

Police checking the stock of fake wine. (screenshot)

Approx 7 yuan to one US dollar.



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