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What Is Dang Zhong Yang?

A popular Chinese blogger, Han Han planned to set up his own magazine in 2010, called Solo Team, but was stopped by Chinese censors due to this cover.

According to Han Han, a communist official asked him why the cover had such a design? Han explained that as it is not allowed to reveal the private parts of the body, he covered it with a magazine logo. (solo team). The officer accused him of implying that the central body of the communist party has guns. So the magazine plan was killed off.

In China, the media use "跟随党中央 which means: "following the central body of the Party" everyday in communist propaganda reports. "The central lead body of the Party" in Chinese is "党中央" pronounced: "Dang-Zhong-Yang" in mandarin. "Dang" means party; "zhong-yang" means centre.

Also, in Chinese,  档中央 has the exact same pronunciation, 档 -- "Dang" means the centre of the trousers; or 挡 - "Dang ", same pronunciation, means covering. So it implies either the middle (or fly area) of the trousers: 档中央, or covering the middle: 挡中央 -- Dang-Zhong-Yang.




















The cover of Han Han's planned magazine, Solo Team.

Increase in Mind-Altering Drug Torture in China PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Zhang Hong   

A Beijing human rights lawyer, Mr. Jin Guanghong was released on 19th April after being kidnapped by the Chinese communist regime more than 10 days earlier.

According to a human rights website, Wqw2010: On 19th April, three teachers from Xiamen University and Mr. Jin’s younger brother were informed by Chinese authorities to go to Beijing to pick up Mr. Jin. Now that Jin is back in his Hubei hometown for recovery he cannot recall which day, 9th or 10th, April he was kidnapped. He vaguely remembers being surrounded by some people while walking on the street, then was locked in a detention centre, then sent to a mental hospital.

Jin remembers all things before he was kidnapped, but is vague about the period of his detention. He remembers that he was beaten by some people, maybe by patients of the mental hospital, he rememberes being tied down on a bed, and also being given injections and force fed tablets through a tube in his nose, all vague memories.

Jin ached all over his body and could only tolerate a liquid diet for the first few days after his release, before starting on small portions of solid food, and was bedridden until recently. He can now walk very short distances.

The communist regime has been torturing prisoners of conscience with nerve damaging drugs for many years, but it appears that they are desperately trying to hold on to power at this time and these cases are escalating in number and brutality.

Since February , dozens of human rights lawyers and rights activists have been kidnapped by the communist regime. Many Chinese bloggers are risking their lives trying to protest on the web, but it is not easy when locked inside this biggest gulag in 'modern China'.

Cases of rights activists, or simply lay Chinese people trying to seek justice, being drugged after being illegally detained by Chinese police, have happened more frequently and openly in the last few years.

In 2009, A Guandong resident, Mr. Hu Zhiyong, had been trying to seek justice for his wife who had been raped by 'monks' from the famous NanHua Temple in Guangdong, but Mr. Hu was forcibly taken to a psychiatric hospital from his home by local police and held down and injected with an unknown liquid. After the injection, Hu was also made to take many tablets. He recalled that he felt incredible chest pain straight after taking the tablets, his arms were twisting involuntarily, his head felt like exploding, his eyes bulged and his neck became stiff, but his mind was still aware of himself. He walked involuntarily around the hospital room for a long time before his pain eased.

Mr. Hu's wife was raped by one of the senior monks in the famous NanHua Temple. Mr. Hu's wife was a tour guide, and the temple arranged rooms for female guides to stay overnight. She was awakened by the abbot entering her room and raping her despite her struggles.

Mr. Hu condemns the abbot in his blog post:

“The abbot of NanHua Temple, Abbot Shi, is also the Vice President of Shaoguan City of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Vice President of the Buddhist Association of Guangdong Province. He carries out dirty crimes and harms innocent people, but carries these glorious titles...”



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