Cancer Cluster In Shanghai? Print
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China Uncensored Staff   

Shanghai Health Bureau recently released a statistic on the cancer situation in Shanghai. According to the release, cancer is the second highest cause of death, after heart disease. There are 210,000 cancer patients living in Shanghai, that is 1 cancer patient among every 100 Shanghainese. It is a 1% rate. Lung cancer is predominant.

According to world cancer statistics from UK, the highest rate of cancer patients in cities around the world is 326 per 100,000 persons. The number of Shanghai cancer patients is 3 times higher than the highest average rate.

The Shanghai health report also indicates that the number of cancer patients is rising rapidly every year, especially over the last 30 years.

Some media suggest that chances of getting cancer is largely dependent on the food intake, and life style. It is not difficult to see such a correlation as Shanghai, one of the major cities in China, has not only the worst air pollution, but is also flooded with contaminated food.

The Chinese web police usually do not remove reports about poisoned food, unless the incident may potentially cause large condemnation by Chinese bloggers, or the incident may reveal more ugly issues linked with it. Despite hundreds of food poisoning cases happening in China everyday, the Chinese regime is not ready to pay attention to this matter, as its focus is on control of the Chinese people, to maintain its power.