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14 Year-Old Chinese Boy Grows Breasts PDF Print E-mail
Real China
Yu Tang   

A 14 years old boy from Wuhan Province has sought hospital treatment for his growing breasts.

According to Wuhan Daily News, the boy, Xiao Jun, accompanied by his parents, went to hospital to check his growing breast problem. Jun lowered his head and did not want to talk.

Jun's parents told the doctor, that Jun likes having fried food, like fried chicken, chips, etc. They never restrict his food habits. The doctor said it was caused by bad food intake habits. eating too much fast food.

According to a doctor from Wuhan Tianmei Mammary Gland hospital, they treat nearly 10 young boys every month for the same problem.

Chinese bloggers say:

"The chickens in China only need 45 days to grow to maturity, as they are given too much growth hormone to increase their growing speed..."

" not only chickens. also other animals like pigs and fish, are heavily fed with growth hormone. how can young people now not became abnormal?"

Another blogger suggests:

"All female comrades, it is your luck now, do you want to grow your breasts? then eat more fried chicken!"

In August last year, a 7 years old girl encountered her menstrual period. After she was diagnosed in hospital, doctors learned that the girl has been drinking soft drinks instead of water since a young age, as her parents ran a food store at home.

In China, children with pubertas praecox symptoms are wide spread, and most people believe that it is because of indiscriminate use of growth hormone in food and stock farming.





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