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A group of Chinese travelers in Egypt saw Chinese writing carved on a statue in the ancient Luxor Temple, it says: " Ding jinhao was here."

Chinese tourists tried to wipe it off with tissue paper, but to no avail. Some of them took photos and put on a blog:"We are so ashamed, how can one just carve things on such precious 3500 years old relics?" The news was quickly spread by thousands of bloggers, and the culprit was found in just over 24 hours. Ding jinhao, a high school student in Nanjing province. Chinese demanded the student and his parents apologize....

The parents of Ding jinhao contacted the Chinese media, and passed on their apology: "This is a bad act of (our) child, but as parents we should bear the main blame as we did not guide him properly, we did no give him proper teaching (in manners), We (my wife and I) and our child apologize to the Egyptian authorities; we also apologize to all the people in our country who take this matter seriously. I beg everyone's pardon for my child's wrong action, and I beg everyone to give this child a chance to act right in the future. "

(According to ancient Chinese custom, parents usually bear the main responsibility for their children's behaviour.)

Luxor Temple, Egypt. Photo from Wikipedia

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Zhang Hong   

A Xinan Ethnic University professor, Xiao Xuehui revealed in his blog on 15th April, that Shanghai's Luwan District Red Cross has spent nearly ten thousand yuan (US$1540) for lunch in a high class restaurant, Hui-Gong-Guan, where every meal costs around 500 yuan (US$78).

A photo of the receipt was also posted online. The news quickly spread across the country and bloggers are asking: where has the money that I donated gone?!

According to the Daily Economic News, Hui-Gong-Guan restaurant serves abalone, shark fin etc. and top brands of alcohol.

The Chief of China Red Cross, Mr. Ding Suo told journalists: "The case is being investigated." Mr. Ding also told media that he is sure that not one cent of that money was from donations.

Professor Xiao questions: "whether it is donations or public funds, it should be clearly disclosed."

Another blogger wonders: "what type of public fund does Red Cross have for them to afford such a lunch?"

"Don't be surprised, it is just the Chinese Red Cross, it is under 'party' (communist party) control."

A blogger 'nlyang' revealed: "I took part in an activity of Red Cross in Shengzhen in 2006; we had paid about 3000 yuan (US$462) for a day training course, but spent more than 2300 yuan (US$354) for lunch for eight people. ...there were many cases....I could not write them all. But I will not contribute to China Red Cross anymore."

Another blogger: "If any organization is able to stand free in China, it must already be turned into red. what's the surprise? China Red Cross has been caught red faced in China many times, but since they are already red, one can not distinguish whether  their faces turned red."

A Shichuan blogger recalled one incident related to China Red Cross, in May 2008, just after the devastating Shichuan earthquake, a woman bought a 400 yuan (US$61)watch from Jiudian market and asked for a receipt for fast noodles for “Zigong Red Cross" instead.



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