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600 Students Share 8 Toilets

Students running towards toilet after class. (screenshot)

A middle school in Xian province is facing a major toilet shortage. As one part of the school area which includes toilet facilities having been returned to a neighboring village after a 10 year, now 600 students, and 54 teachers have to share these 8 hole-style toilets. Long queues form outside toilets during every class break and before and after school, say students.

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Recently, a mysterious virus, with symptoms similar to AIDs has been spreading in China. Despite similar symptoms such as rapid weight loss, perspiration; numbness in extremities; swollen lymphatics; haematomas and fungal infections, etc. the patients have all tested negative to HIV.  According to the Chinese Health Department, thousands have these symptoms across the country, with the majority in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiang Su and Guangdong.

Blood samples from 59 patients have been collected and sent to American for testing.

A Hong Kong patient, nicknamed Mr. Wang, has suffered these symptoms since November last year, and has sought treatment from many hospitals, but to no avail. He admitted that he had had sex with a woman he met through the internet in 2009, so he was HIV tested, but the result was negative. Wang is very worried that he could pass the illness to his wife and son.

A Chinese doctor claimed that he became ill at the end of last year. It was one week after he dealt with many similar patients. His family members and his assistant also developed similar symptoms.

A Hong Kong reporter wore a mask and safety clothing when interviewing patient in Guangzhou.

There are reports of cases in Singapore and Taiwan.



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