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Sink Hole 2012

In recent years, sink holes in China have occured more often in many places, but in HeilongJiang province, north of China, many of the sink holes have already "swallowed" human lives. People in HeilongJiang province have posted photos of recent sink holes:

There have been over 2 dozen sink hole sin Heilongjiang province alone this year, and there were 8 sink holes in just one week in August!

Bloggers wonder if it has something related to the year 2012?


Yang Hengjun Surfaces on Twitter PDF Print E-mail
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Chinauncensored Staff   

Yang Hengjun, a Chinese born writer who lives in Sydney with his family has surfaced on twitter after his mysterious disappearance inside China for more than 2 days.

Yang Hengjun had worked in the Foreign Affairs Department in Beijing, and also worked as a manager for a Chinese government run company in Hong Kong. Yang quit his job and became a writer in 2002. After Yang's disappearence inside China at the end of March, China's Foreign Ministry claimed it had no information on Dr Yang.


On Yang's twitter:

"I am Yang Hengjun. Due to personal reasons, I lost contact with friends and family members for over 50 hours on the evening of the 27th, and I am very sorry for the massive disturbance it caused. In these sensitive times, this matter has caught the attention of countless netizens and friends, and I couldn't help but cry when I saw that. Thank you all! I am your Hengjun forever. Protest: Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Jiang Yu: Do you really not know who Yang Hengjun is? That is not ignorance, it is shamelessness."

"This recent illness of mine has brought so much trouble to everybody and even Australia and the United States had to step in. I feel so apologetic to have troubled so many friends and family members, but this incident has also opened my eyes to see the many friends I have. This behooves me to not just concentrate on my writing -- in the future, if any friends fall sick, I will need to help treat his sickness, even if it means getting someone to go to Zhongnanhai."


On March 20th, 2011, Yang disappeared from Guangzhou airport after phoning a friend to report that three men were following him. Activists are sure that he was detained and warned off, as a result of a communist regime crackdown on activists, lawyers and bloggers following calls for a 'Jasmine' revolution in China since February 2011.


The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard is expected to visit China in late April. Australia Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd has not commented on the case.  But The federal opposition has expressed that Dr Yang's circumstances are "deeply troubling".




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