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Ai WeiweiWell known Chinese artist and activist, Ai Weiwei was stopped at Beijing airport and taken into custody by the Chinese regime before he took a flight to Hong Kong on Sunday morning, 3rd April.

Ai and his assistant were both stopped by airport customs officers, separated straight away, and taken away by police. Ai's mobile phone has been turned off since then.

Ai's art studio was quickly fenced off by police for 50 meters around. Eight assistants in his art studio were taken away by police, Ai's wife was placed under house arrest, and the living area of their 2 year old son was also ransacked.

According to a Chinese blogger, a reporter from the Guardian newspaper, UK, went near Ai's studio and took some photos, but was stopped by Chinese police; his mobile phone was taken by police and photos deleted from his camera. This reporter posted the news on twitter that he saw about 15 to 20 policemen outside of Ai's art studio.

News of Ai Weiwei's arrest at Beijing airport quickly spread throughout the web, someone on twitter posted a warning to the regime: " Ai Weiwei has more then 70,000 'cao-ni-ma' on twitter from around the country, we can send messages; we must and will have a reaction. If you want to arrest Ai, please think it through! Please think well!"

Another blogger: Why? What can’t you publicize? Didn't you just have a meeting talking about --'we shall do everything according to law'...then bring the law out?!"

Beijing police had visited Ai's studio on several occasions last week, insisting on checking personal IDs, including checking people working in his studio.

Ai Weiwei's studio. (screenshot)

Only days ago, German media revealed that Ai is planning to open a studio in Berlin as Ai has found it very difficult to conduct his normal work inside China, due to the communist regime's constant harassment, because of his open criticism of the regime.

2 years ago, Ai's was beaten by Beijing police when he prepared to support a Chinese writer, Tan Zuoren in court as a witness.  Ai could not speak after the police beating, and his head was very painful. At this time, Ai was due to attend his German arts exhibition, so he fled to Germany within days, and a member of the German parliament took Ai to hospital, where he was diagnosed as having bleeding on the brain due to the beating. He was told by doctors that if he had delayed treatment for another day, it may have been too late.

Two days ago, at Beijing airport, the teenage daughter of Wu Huaying, (Mrs. Wu and another two persons were arrested and sentenced to jail because they helped an illiterate lady post information on the internet for a girl gang raped and murdered by communist police senior officers and gangsters) was about to take a flight to Tokyo to study, but was stopped by the Beijing police. The police said "To let Wu's daughter leave China would endanger national security and harm the country's interests".

A Chinese writer, Zhen Yan commented: "It is not national security and the country's interests; it is always the Party's interests, and it is the issue of the legitimacy of the communist party at risk."

Since the people of middle East are riding high on a wave of demands for human rights and democracy, the communist party in China is extremely nervous, the one party, totalitarian regime has caused 80 million Chinese deaths since it took power in China in 1949, and has become a giant, state run gulag.