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Viagra Vitalizes Communist Leaders?

Chinese bloggers have been stunned by this newly released photo: a box of viagra, a special supply for communist leaders and army senior commanders, distributed by the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army. (PLA)

One blogger commented: "I am not surprised at all at this news and I expect that their 'special supplies' also include women to use."

Another blogger: "No wonder the communist leaders like to rape young girls."

What are communist leaders' special supplies?

Special food supply are internal stores which only senior communist leaders can attend to buy commodities. There are stores in major cities in China. These stores stock daily consumer items, food, grocery, wine, etc. They are as well supplied as a department store especially with food, meat, etc, which are organic.

Communist leaders have access to special food supplies because of the contamination and adulteration of many basic foods in China which the ordinary citizen has to contend with.

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China Uncensored Staff   

Deng Yujiao, a 20 year old girl, who fought against forced rape by  three communist officials and stabbed one of the officials to death with a pedicure knife, is secretly being force fed with mind altering drugs at an undisclosed location. She had previously been in Wuhan Psychiatric Hospital and then at her home where she was under a form of house arrest. A Chinese official revealed what he had witnessed to a close contact.

According to Chinese language website Renminbao, an insider revealed: “Deng Yujiao’s condition is very sad, she is locked up in a place (he could not reveal now), and is force fed lots of drugs that are harmful to the nervous system. There are people supervising her taking the tablets, and they even check her mouth to make sure she swallowed the medicine. If she resists, they just hit her, no matter whether she cries or screams. She will turn into a real psychotic not long from now.”

This senior officer said that Zhou Yongkang, a Politburo member, and head of the Central Political and Administrative Committee, is extremely angry with Deng Yujiao and the ‘trouble’ caused through her case, and told officials that they are to turn Deng into a real psychotic, so she will not be able to tell the truth in the future.

This senior officer felt very sad and also could not understand what purpose Zhou Yongkang is trying to achieve.

Ever since Deng Yujiao’s case was exposed by Chinese bloggers through the internet, Chinese people have understood that Deng’s life is over, under the rule of the Chinese regime.

The communist regime will never allow Deng to receive justice, because Deng’s rebellion, and similar cases like that of Yang Jia will validate the rights of Chinese people, which are suppressed by the communist regime. So not giving Deng a death sentence but pardoning her due to her alleged mental status, is a warning to Chinese people that you shall not resist communist officials under any circumstance.

Whether Deng Yujiao is lucky or unlucky, her case is being heard again, but tight police surveillance, and frequent arrests leave  many Chinese bloggers posting the question: “Why does the UN not send troops to China to save millions facing unlawful death sentences?”



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