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John Kusumi/China Support Network   

Chinese dissidents are condemning new cyber attacks - interference from Beijing - and also apologizing to web users for the inconvenience as their pro-Jasmine web sites experience denial-of-service (DOS) attacks.

Online calls for a Middle East-style 'Jasmine' revolution in China first appeared at the web site Over the weekend, Boxun announced that it would no longer disseminate Jasmine-related information, due to heavy-handed tactics deployed by the Chinese government against their servers, their staff, and family members of their staff.

Chinese dissidents promptly condemned the attacks against Boxun, and announced a federation of dissident websites that would carry Jasmine-related material.

Now, member websites of that federation are coming under attack, presumably from Beijing, and dissidents are denouncing the attacks, and asking for patience from the community - web users who would access that material.

The eight web sites of the federation, announced this weekend, are:

Jasmine on Facebook:
China Affairs:
Huang Hua Gang magazine:
Fire of Liberty:
Future China Forum:
Chinese Human Rights:
China Support Network:

At this writing, five of these sites are up-and-running, and a sixth is also working, but the front page (at is not served until the user solves a 'captcha' puzzle. Future China Forum is down, and is returning a blank page.

Organizer Tang Baiqiao praised the enthusiastic response to date, and vowed that all obstacles will be overcome until a Chinese revolution successfully establishes democracy in that land.

John Kusumi is Emeritus Director of China Support Network



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