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"We Are Here to Harass"

The recent violence against, and assault of, Hong Kong students, was organized by the Hong Kong government by using police and thugs, Chinese bloggers revealed:


Hong Kong people realized that CY Leung was using underground communist members in the Hong Kong police force and Hong Kong street gansters to cause chaos in Hong Kong streets where students were protesting.

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Mainland Chinese Shopping Frenzy in Hong Kong PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Chinese people going to Hong Kong especially for shopping, has became very popular.

Not only is the price of goods in Hong Kong cheaper than inside China, especially than in Shanghai, but also the food is safer, such as infant milk powders.

A few months ago, there were so many Chinese shoppers coming to Hong Kong to buy milk powder, it resulted in many Hong Kong mothers not being able to find any baby milk powder in Hong Kong shops. The price of the milk powder has risen 200% due to shortages of supply.

Hong Kong people were so desperate that over 600 signatures were gathered from parents in just two days to ask the government to levy a custom tax on milk powder taken into China.

A Chinese lady stuffs the milkpowder into her suit case outside Hong Kong/ China custom

A lady is packing milk powder into her carry bag at the Hong Kong, Shenzhen border. (screenshot)

Food contamination with harmful chemicals in China is wide spread and the Chinese regime has conducted some action for propaganda purposes, but left the problem untouched since the revelation of the melanine baby formula scandal, in which over 300 thousand babies were poisoned in 2008.

In fact, the contaminated powder is still being sold in many universities, and remote country towns and cities at a cut price. With the average Chinese annual income being 4761 yuan, (US$700 ), and also after two parents who complained about their babies being fed melamine milk powder, being arrested by the communist authorities, continuing to buy the melamine milk powder seems the only choice for many Chinese.

Chinese shopper in Hong Kong. (screenshot from Hong Kong TV)

Beside milk powders, other life essentials are also in high demand from Hong Kong, as Chinese have no confidence in food safety and hygenic products in China.

During the Chinese New Year period, the suger price increased 300% in Hong Kong; cooking oil, hair shampoo and even slippers are on the shopping lists of many.

There are also many Chinese going to Hong Kong especially to buy leisure goods, or famous brands, like Louis Vitton, Jordano T-shirts, etc. Chinese people have found that most goods in Hong Kong are cheaper than the same items in Shangahi and Beijing, etc.

There are also many travel groups organised specially for shopping in Hong Kong.




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