Hidden news: Rescued Miners in Wangjialing Mine Disaster May be Surrogates Print
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A blogger has reported on bbs.tianya.cn that the 115 survivors from the Wangjialing mine disaster in March 2010, were all surrogates while the real miners trapped underground were abandoned at the outset owing to excessively poor rescue conditions. To suppress outcries from their families, the government has sent more than 2000 personnel to pinpoint the victim’s family members to be silenced, so as to forestall possible agitation among the community. The blog was deleted shortly afterwards.

News: 2000 situation-stabilizing Officials Share Life with Families of Wangjialing Victim Miners

At the 15th news release conference held by the Rescue Headquarters of the 3.28 Wangjialing Mine Flood Disaster, the reporter learnt that care-taking operations were in smooth progress in the aftermath of the Wangjialing mine flood disaster, as other miners were being re-located and victim families taken care of.

According to the brief by the Deputy General Manager of the China Coal Group (CCG) Hong Yu, the rescue headquarters promptly set up a situation-stabilizing taskforce and a rescue plan had been worked out. The plan was further broken into detailed sub-operations such as medical treatment and transport facilitation to ensure that the operation was iron-clad risk-free. The team would simultaneously start support for the families of trapped miners.

Hong Yu told reporters that 945 miners had been either diverted to other work sites or have taken leave, with paid travel expenses and wages in the amount of 14.5 million yuan. The remaining 225 miners would take part in the rescue operations.

More than 650 family members have been re-settled in nine cities/counties including Hejing, Lingshan and Xinxian, revealed Hong Yu. To solace the grieved families and stabilize the situation, the China Coal Group has mobilized more than 1000 personnel from its own departments, plus another 1000 from local municipal and county governments to form 135 teams. Each team is dedicated to one family by living with them and handling everything on their behalf: from solving their practical problems to briefing update on a daily basis.

There are reports of a thirty thousand yuan bonus for victim’s family who withdraw requests to view the corpses of their dear ones.

The original blog from a blogger in Yiwang Web, Dezhou, Shandong

I am a family member of a trapped miner. I am not sending any blog anonymously, nor attempting to throw up doubts regarding the numbers or anything else. All I want to say is what I know of. Currently waiting at places like Hejing are about 20 mine victim's families who have had their blood tested. Also gathering there are those “patriarchal” government officials at multiple levels, ie, county, township and village, responsible for administrating the affairs of those families. In engaging the families for support, these officials are talking about cooperation, instead of showing concerns about the victim's families, such as whether the victims have been rescued or how to get compensation on their behalf.

They are intimidating the families to withdraw demands to see the dead bodies of their dear ones for the last time, by claiming that the corpses, if any, are beyond recognition. Anyway, all the families need to do, they say, is to have their blood tested and wait for the results. Otherwise, these families should talk directly to the CCG. Well, without the proof of identity, the families may end up in getting nothing out of this – losing both men and the money. Simply put, the message the authorities are driving home is whoever resorts to argument will face dire consequences.

In addition, in the distribution of the cigarette/telephone allowance, the obedient are rewarded 1000 yuan in contrast with 500 yuan for the discontented. I am wondering, why it should be so difficult to see their dear ones for the last time. Note, there is an allegation that an extra reward of 30 thousand yuan is available for families that express their wish NOT to see their dead family members. That aside, what worries me the most is the compensation, the amount of which may depend on what we say or do. Will the compensation fortune be skimmed at multiple levels to virtually nothing?

What does this mean? My understanding is, some – maybe a lot more – of the trapped dead will never be recovered. In other words, they will not appear in the official list as trapped dead miners, as long as their families could be persuaded, by hook or crook, to keep silent with the 30 thousand bonus. That, I guess, is the reason behind the procrastination in publicising the victim list, until the 2000 strong taskforce teams have successfully brought the families to a mutual silence. But I am afraid this will never happen. This is because, firstly, how is the situation to be stabilised and people’ s minds appeased if these families were not shown the bodies of their dead family members; secondly, how those fake “miners”, who were taken to hospitals alive and healthy, could keep their mouths shut? One might be persuaded, but what about the rest? Even if they could be suppressed for the moment, could they be muffled for the rest of their lives?

Only God knows how this “stabilization” task has changed to “maintaining the lie, the evil, the sinister and the fraudulent”.

Uptil now, official figures are 115 rescued and ten unaccounted for. In fact, what remains to be done is to obtain the consent of the 115 victim families to remain silent. Once that is established, these ten will be declared dead for sure.