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Shan Ying   

An animated video about a rabbit uprising in the year of the rabbit, in tiger controlled forest, has quickly been viewed by nearly half a million Chinese in just a few days after it was posted on Tudou website, but the video has been deleted from the Chinese web by the communist regime.

The producer,Mr. Wang Bo, told Radio Free China, "I don't know how other people comprehend this video, and what part (of the video) violates the law, but the government has forbidden it's being viewed. It's being deleted (on the web) now, I could do nothing."

However, Wang said that he will continue to produce more videos in the rabbit series.


The stories told in this video correspond to real life in China, echo the ongoing nightmare of Chinese people, and foretell the doom of the communist dictatorship.

The links to real life stories in this video (translated version) are here:

1, Shan Hu Milk: Sounds similar to Shan Lu milk powder that caused many deaths and millions of children to become ill because of melamine content.

2, "Building a Harmonious society" - a slogan used by the communist regime in recent years as another way to shut down the voices of Chinese citizens seeking justice.

3, "Let the leaders go first." is an infamous phrase that relates to a tragedy, in which 326 school children (including 36 teachers) were burnt to death in a fire in Kalamayi City, Xinjiang province in 1996.

4, The communist regime sanctions forced demolitions and requisitions that are happening in every city, which accounts for up to 30% of increased GDP yearly. (In some area, nearly 50 %  of the increased GDP is from land sezie - sorry,this one has not being translated).

5, There are dozens of cases where Chinese people have been killed or injured in pedestrian accidents caused by communist officials, or their relative's cars, and the cases have been ignored by communist officials. "My father is Li Gang" became a representative slogan relating to this type of ongoing crime.

6, "You can not say whatever you like to say, otherwise you might have an accident" ....this is the warning Chinese people normally get from communist officials when they protest against harsh or corrupt treatment.

7. Wu mao dang refers to communist sympathizers being paid to comment favorably on blogs and in chat rooms about the communist regime, and to attempt to guide public opinion through propaganda.