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Are the Chinese Ready For Such Openness?!

Finding public toilets in China is notoriously difficult, but when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Toilets beside Shuzhou railway station have see through glass doors and walls that have shocked pedestrians.

Shuzhou is a very popular destination for tourists in China. The communists eagerly showing their openness to everyone?!

The male toilet beside Shuzhou railway station.

The female toilet ... which you will see when you visit Shuzhou. (screenshot)


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Real China
Yu Tang   

A 63 year old peasant in Hunan Province, Mr. Xiong Yuhu, has built a tree house, 15 meters high, equipped with toilet, kitchen, TV and water tank.

While  the snow falls around, the house is a real modern day fairy tale.

"We went to Beijing in March this year, and saw a birds nest on the ground.  I decided to build a birds' nest on a tree where the birds really stay." said Mr. Xiong.

Mr. Xiong built this house by himself. He likes to take his friends up there for a cup of tea, and to enjoy the beautiful view.

Mr. Xiong told a local journalist, he had studied carefully the strength of the tree, and believes that the tree house can take 18 people at an average weight of 60 kilograms. On the 15th December, when the journalist and 6 other people were all in the tree house, they fell a bit of sway but it appeared stable.

So far, the tree house has cost 30 thousand yuan (US$4500) to build, and will be finished by early January 2011.

Though not every tree house in China is built for the same reasons, Mr. Xiong says the main advantages of this tree house are "green environmentally conscious, good for exercise, and good for fresh air."

Tree house of Mr. Xiong Yuhu in Hunan. (screenshot)

Treehouse under construction. (screenshot)

Toilet of the tree house. (screenshot)

Water tank. (screenshot)

Mr. Xiong Yuhu, designer and owner of the tree house. (screenshot)





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