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Requirements for Communist Party Photographers

The former communist leader, Jiang Zemin at a congress meeting. (screenshot)

A reporter in China visited a local media center, and saw pages of requirements for photographers on how to take photos for communist leaders stuck on the wall. There are dozens of requirements, including: light exposure must be good to show the positive aspect of the leader; choose the right posture of the leader; do not include food in the photo when leaders are having meal; do not include people holding umbrella for the leader....

The photos below were spread around China when former communist head, Jiang Zemin was in power, they were taken while Jiang was at a national congress meeting.

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China Uncensored Staff   

In the last few decades, caesarean births in China have  increased rapidly, and some media report that more than half the women in Shanghai choose to have a caesarean birth.

According to Shanghai Women’s Health Care Center, caesarean births account for 54% of deliveries in Shanghai hospitals; with some hospitals reaching over 62%.

This is 4 times the World Health Organization suggested ratio. Among these women, many are under 30 years old.

Why is this happening in China?

According to the vice chairman of the Chinese Maternity and Child Care Association, Ms. Pang Ruyan: “The fees for caesarean birth are twice as much as for natural birth; in some hospitals, the more they conduct caesarean births, the more bonuses the employees will get. Some hospitals will pressure expecting mothers to choose caesarean births.” 

An insider also revealed that there are a lot more expenses involved with a caesarean birth , and therefore more fees can be charged, for anaesthetics, theater hire, more medication for mothers ….and more time in hospitals.

Mrs Lee, a lady who had a caesarean almost a year ago told media: “Why at the last moment,did the doctor tell me that my pelvis is too small and not suitable for natural birth?”  “A friend of mine is much skinnier than me and has a smaller pelvis, and she had a very smooth natural birth!”

Mrs. Zhou, who gave birth in America 2 years ago offered her observation: “In American even women over 40 years old still intend to have a natural birth; but many friends of mine here (in China) were having caesarean births. Sometimes this is suggested by their doctors, some asked doctors, and doctors just take the choice for granted.”

Children of caesarean births sometimes have more health problems.

A gynaecologist at Shanghai Tongji hospital, Dr Li Huaifang explains: “The process of natural birth will allow Mum to easily recover after a few hours, and have normal food; while a caesarean breaks the human body’s natural structure, and incidences of infant illness after birth is 2 to 5 times higher than for natural birth."

The president of Red House Hospital in Shanghai, Mr. Wu Jinglei said that caesareans may increase psychological problem for children. Common symptoms are: short attention span, less awareness; attention hyper deficit, easily getting irritated, over defensive; avoiding baths; avoiding group activities and games; and more negative characteristics.



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