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A Thousand Snakes Sunbathe on Road

On 8th Oct, over a thousand snakes were seen crawling on the road in Liuhe county, Jinlin province - over 700 died when run over by passing cars.

A man trys to move an injured snake to the side of the road. (Screenshot)

According to a local road inspector, every year around this time, dozens of snakes come from the bush beside the road to sun-bath, but this year the number of snakes is greater than ever before.

What is Really Behind the "One Child Policy"? PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Calls to end the "one child" policy in China have spread widely in the media and by many scholars. The calls followed a report by Nanfang News on 14th October of a secret testing of a "two births" policy which started in 1985, among 8 million people in 13 areas including Yichang of Shanxi province, which showed that the population increase in these areas was lower than the "one child" policy of the rest of the country; the sex ratio was also much more evenly balanced between boys and girls.

In Yichang area the population increase between 1982 to 2000 was 20.7%; while for the whole country the increase was 25.5% during the same period.

Scholars and researchers around world have being arguing whether "family planning" in the west, or the "one child policy" in China are really good for society, or in fact, have brought diverse social impacts......



But what is really behind China's "one child policy"?


The Chinese government started the "One Child policy" in the 1980's, when there was a sudden rise in the number of youths reaching the age of marriage in that particular period. Why was there a sudden rise in the number of youths in that period? They were the product of the "glorious mother" policy initiated by Mao Zedong, (the communist dictator of China between 1949 and 1976), in the early 60's.


In the late 50's, Mao initiated the so called "great leap forward" revolution, it was aimed to showcase the "great communist China society" and to rival Britain's food production in 15 years. During the "great leap forward period", peasants were ordered to hand over large amounts of their harvest to the government, to respond to the call from Mao of being a loyal Chinese citizen and contributing to the great country. Fearing being left behind, and maybe criticized by the neighbouring villages, local leaders forced peasants to hand over almost all their harvest, leaving little food for survival.


Mao also forced people to start up backyard iron and steel smelters to increase production, of course, these backyard 'steelworks' produced inferior quality product, and took away the ability to grow crops instead. Many people had to dig grass, or peal off tree bark for food. On top of this, people were not allowed to going around begging food, as it would taint the image of the socialist country of China. Village leaders set guards at the boundary to shoot those people who intended to go out to beg food.... after 3 years of Mao's insanity and military style of control, 45million people died of famine.


Mao realized that China need people to build, and also, if there was war against the West, Mao would need mass population to serve as 'shields' to fight in the war. So Mao asked all Chinese to produce more children.....That is why there was a huge rise in births during the early 60's.


To correct this perceived imbalance the communist leaders instituted the "one child policy".


For horrific details of how the "one child policy" was implemented in China during the last 30 years, please check sites.


If population in China had been left in nature’s hands instead of being chaotically disturbed by communist leaders under their fanatic notion that 'humans shall conquer the universe', these abuses would have been avoided.




The Great Famine

The highest death toll was recorded during China's Great Famine shortly after the Great Leap Forward. [12] The article "Great Famine" in the book Historical Records of the People's Republic of China states, "The number of unnatural deaths and reduced births from 1959 to 1961 is estimated at about 40 million…China's depopulation by 40 million is likely to be the world's greatest famine in this century." [13]


The Great Famine was falsely labeled a "Three-Year Natural Disaster" by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In fact, those three years had favorable weather conditions without any massive natural disasters like flooding, drought, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, frost, freeze, hail or plague of locusts. The "disaster" was entirely caused by man. The Great Leap Forward campaign required everyone in China to become involved in steel-making, forcing farmers to leave their crops to rot in the field. Despite this, officials in every region escalated their claims on production yields. He Yiran, the First Secretary of the Party Committee of Liuzhou Prefecture, fabricated all by himself the shocking yield of "65,000 kilograms of paddy rice per mu [14]" in Huanjiang County. This was right after the Lushan Plenum when the CCP's anti-rightist movement spread out to the entire country. In order to demonstrate that the CCP was correct all the time, the crops were expropriated by the government as a form of taxation according to these exaggerated yields. Consequently, the grain rations, seeds and staple foods of the peasants were all confiscated. When the demand still could not be met, the peasants were accused of hiding their crops. .....




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