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China's Invention: Child Sandwich?

It appears to be a lot of fun for the teacher who sits on top of layers of children: her students. (screenshot)

A parent was shocked to find this photo among other photos of children's activities in school on the QQ blog of the school parenting site.

One blogger commented: Dear Teacher, you look very happy, what about these kids?! What about their feelings?!

Growing up with communist idealogy, modern Chinese have not heard of common sense and human dignity if their parents do not teach them privately.

Shichuan Traveller Dies of Food Poisoning PDF Print E-mail
Real China
China Uncensored Staff   

On 8th Oct, a group of travelers fell ill after they breakfasting at the Hailuogou Pearl Garden Hotel, with one person dying in hospital after vomiting black coloured blood. Over 100 guests fell ill, including some hotel staff .

According to Guangzhou news reports, a group of 13 travelers from Guangzhou felt dizzy, nauseous and had headaches shortly after consuming breakfast.

Ms Tan, from Guangdong started vomiting and was sent to Luding County hospital but died soon after. By 5pm, 31 people were hospitalized, with 10 people in a serious condition.

Dr. Gu from Luding County hospital told reporters, that it appeared from the symptoms of these patients that they were poisoned by industrial salt, but further tests will be conducted to confirm this diagnosis.

Industrial salt, Nano2. (screenshot)

For a few years now, many Chinese have been asking their overseas relatives and friends to bring table salt into China, as many restaurants are using industrial salt to save money.




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